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How to Measure Multi-Channel Marketing ROI

30th May 2019
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Measure Multi-Channel Marketing ROI

Today, most businesses are experimenting with multi-channel marketing strategies to reach new customers and generate more ROI. When it comes to multi-channel marketing, firms need to take a proactive approach and establish a presence on the platforms where their prospective customers frequent the most. Communication should be tailored to prospects based on the channels they use.

Running multiple campaigns across different channels can help you attain your sales goals faster. However, you don’t want to be spending money blindly on different platforms. Therefore, it is crucial to measure your marketing ROI and drill down the results generated from each channel. Measuring marketing ROI from every channel you are experimenting with will help you to uncover profitable campaigns that can be scaled up and underperforming ones that should be paused.

In a nutshell, measuring ROI from multi-channel marketing campaigns will help you get better results from your ad spend.

Below are five popular marketing channels and how their ROI can be measured:

Print Marketing

It is possible to measure results from a print marketing campaign. An easy way of doing this is including a special phone number on your print marketing collateral and tracking the calls coming through it.

For example, if you are printing fliers and also advertising on newspapers, how will you know which channel is generating more leads? Simply use two different phone numbers; one for the fliers and the other for the newspaper ads. Then track the calls coming to them using call tracking software. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is broad and when implemented properly it can generate massive leads for your business. Determine the digital marketing campaigns that you want to implement and how to track them.

For example, you can create SEO-optimized articles and include a call-to-action phone number on them. 

Tracking calls to the number through call tracking software will help you determine the ROI from the content campaign. A lead management system will help you track and distribute leads to get the most out of every lead. 

Paid Search Advertising

If you are advertising on Google or other PPC platforms, measure the results from your campaigns to ensure you are getting the best return possible.

Call tracking software can help you track the number of calls generated by customers that saw a specific ad. From the number of calls generated, you can know which ads are getting the most traction.

Social Advertising

For social media advertising, you want to track how well your communication is resonating with your audience and contributing to your overall goals of branding, engagement, and sales. 

For example, you can use call tracking and analytics software to find out the number of calls resulting from a specific social media campaign.

Email Marketing

If you are running an email marketing campaign, consider using an automated email marketing platform for communication. The best email marketing services will allow tracking of various metrics, which can help you to understand your customers better. 

Some of the things you can track using email marketing software include:

  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of clicks to your links
  • Sales resulting from an email

Make sure you monitor and refine your winning campaigns to reduce your marketing costs while increasing your bottom-line.

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