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How to improve your Net Promoter Score in 2020

18th Nov 2019
Customer Experience Manager SurveySensum
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Having a low NPS score can be discouraging for the business. You can increase the NPS score by making a series of consistent efforts. Here’s what you can do.

Net Promoter Score
Image Credits: checkmarket

Picture Credit: checkmarket

Talk to your Detractors

Ask your Detractors where you went wrong and promise to serve them better. A phone call would be the best way to re-engage with them. Question them about the areas that need a change according to them so that they will like your business better. Assure them that they would not have to come across any more issues when working with your business.

Get Passives on your side

Talking to Passives will give you deep insights and put you in a position where you can turn them into a Promoter. The best way to make that happen is to offer them incentives or anything extra that would make them closer to your brand.

Make your Promoters love you more

While any business would assume that it would be impossible for a Promoter to leave your business, it might eventually happen when you take them for granted. Reward their loyalty. Offer them loyalty points, referral points, exclusive access to your product and upgrades. All of these actions will bring them even closer to you and will help you to improve net promoter score.

Reach out to the ones who don’t respond

The number of customers who don’t respond will form the largest segment. Try to make them engage with you so you can have better representation with more responses. Send personal emails, webinars, chats, etc, to get them on board.

More steps to take with your NPS score

  • Collate the responses from the follow-up questions that ask why they gave a particular rating
  • Your NPS score results over the past few months
  • Send the NPS reports to different team members based on what is relevant to them. For eg: tag customer service related responses to the CS team.
  • Work on creating more Promoters
  • Open a communication platform for all the participants of the survey. Use this to complete the feedback loop. United is considered to be one of the worst airlines in the US. Their NPS score has always been low, especially when compared with its competitors like Southwest, JetBlue, Virgin America, etc. Net Promoter Score of United, JetBlue, and Virgin are -8, 68 and 51 respectively. Guess why? United doesn’t close the feedback loop. They don’t do anything with the NPS survey feedback.
  • Draft a bunch of follow-up questions to ask the NPS survey respondents

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