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The simple no-cost way to transform CSAT scores

8th Jul 2021
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If you are looking to transform your CSAT scores without spending any money, you may want to give serious consideration to what I call ‘TNTs’.  

TNTs are Tiny Noticeable Things. They are all the little things that we don’t need to do, but when we do do them, they can have a seismic impact. They could be as small as a smile, as tiny as saying “thank you”, calling someone back when you promised you would, remembering someone’s name or perhaps recalling if they prefer their coffee with or without sugar. They are the difference between a four and a five-star experience, but despite costing nothing, they are the difference between a poor CSAT score and an outstanding one.

Using TNTs to great effect is all about putting customers at the heart of everything we do by being sensitive to and acting upon things that may at times appear insignificant to us yet mean a lot to someone else.    

If you are serious about boosting your CSAT scores, the best place to start is by making your team members feel taller. If your people feel good about themselves, the chances are they will want to make your customers feel good too. “Great people make people feel great” is something I repeatedly find myself saying when speaking at conferences, and something I will long continue to shout from the rooftops. A TNT gesture such as sending a handwritten note to somebody’s home address, personally thanking them for all their help and support, will give that person a huge lift, and never be forgotten.

Having managed to get your people feeling good about themselves, the next step is to inspire them to really want, at every opportunity - to blow customers away by continuously exceeding their expectations with TNT actions. Every customer interaction needs to be seen as a chance to create a memorable TNT moment and make a customer feel special.

So why are TNTs so powerful? The answer is all to do with dopamine being released in our brains. When we experience a TNT our brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter chemical which makes us feel good. Even the smallest of TNTs can trigger a surge of dopamine. It is interesting that the amount of dopamine released depends on the difference between our expectations of an experience and the reality of it. A small thoughtful TNT gesture trumps a big lavish one every time.

There are two especially great bits of news when it comes to TNTs. Firstly, when we take an extra step for someone with an unexpected TNT, not only does the recipient get a bit of a lift, dopamine also gets released in our brain, giving us a nice warm feeling inside too. As a result, TNTs are contagious! So much so, that through great leadership they can become so embedded in an organisation, they become difficult for people not to do them. The motivation for staff to get out of bed drastically increases, their days fly by and what was an okay place to work suddenly becomes a great place. 

Secondly, they are such simple things that we can all do them, and at any time. We don’t have to wait for a formal occasion to show colleagues or customers how much we care about them, and the more out of the blue TNTs are, the more of an impact they have.     

Here are 3 key TNT behaviours that anyone can do:

  1. Ask questions. By asking a few questions, we are not only showing an interest in someone, we’re gaining a much better understanding of their specific needs. Only by doing this can we ever have any hope of surprising someone with a TNT that we know is going to make their day. 
  2. Listen with your eyes. When we are listening to someone, it is worth bearing in mind that our ears don’t give off any visible sign that we are actually listening; they don’t start waggling, nor is there a little tell-tale light that comes on. The only way we can show people that we are listening is by maintaining eye contact. 
  3. Shine through your mistakes. There is no bigger golden opportunity to show a customer how much we value them and deliver a standout TNT experience, than when they a problem. Take ownership of it, then relish the chance of putting a very big smile on their face with a solution that goes way beyond anything they would ever have anticipated.     

Positively transforming CSAT scores is all about standing head and shoulders above the crowd by helping customers to fall in love with the experiences we give them. If you are looking to do this, don’t ever go underestimating the potent power of the TNTs! 

Adrian Webster is one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and author of Tiny Noticeable Things: The Secret Weapon to Making a Difference in Business out now, priced £14.99

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