The best customer experience books of last year

28th Jan 2020


Welcome to my list of the best customer experience books of the last year.

Over the last year, I read around 65-80 books. Here are the best books I read during that time. I’ve included the top 17 books that discuss topics such as customer experience, employee experience – design, analytics, leadership, innovation, operations experience and real innovation. You will also find below a short list of new books and some from my previous lists, that offer great added value – all related to customers.

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My books list 2019-2020:

  • Punk CX: If you want a great, short, well written and practical book, that will challenge all your customer and employee experience and human senses, then I highly recommend that you  read the Punk CX from Adrian Swinscoe. It’s not for people with a weak (faint) heart. This would be a winner if I have to give a prize. But hopefully you will win the prize! We are giving way Punk CX here – winners will receive this book in February 2020.
  • Pink Goldfish: As we all are imperfect humans, Stan Phelps and David Rendall talk about “our” companies’ imperfections as a competitive advantage. I found this book simply amazing because they are able to make the unthinkable thinkable. Daniel Pink, author of “When and Drive,” said the following about this book on the back cover: “Don’t hide the weird and the wacky parts of your organisation. Use them to stand out from the crowd. Forget about strengths (or set them to the side for a minute). Leverage your weaknesses into the unique qualities that sets you apart. These are the core messages of this smart book”. 
  • The Convenience Revolution: When you make it easier for customers to do business with you, they will reward you with their money, their loyalty, and their referrals, says author Shep Hyken. There’s a reason they call it a convenience store – because it’s convenient! An amazing book from an amazing author.
  • Designing Experiences: In an increasingly experience-driven economy, companies that deliver great experiences thrive, and those that do not, die. Yet many organisations face difficulties implementing a vision of delivering experiences beyond the provision of goods and services. Because experience design concepts and approaches are spread across multiple, often disconnected disciplines, there has been no book that succinctly explains to students and aspiring professionals how to design them…until now. By J. Robert Rossman Ph.D. and Mathew D. Duerden Ph.D. and the amazing B. Joseph Pine II.

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  • Design For Strengths: This guide will unlock your personal potential, and that of your team and your business. By exploring the intersection of Design Thinking and strengths-finding, innovation expert John K. Coyle demonstrates what most high achievers intuitively know–that each one of us possesses a unique combination of strengths, talents, skills and capabilities to achieve breakthrough performance–but may need a code to unlock them. Design for Strengths delivers the process, John K. Coyle.
  • Trailblazer: by  Marc Benioff, and Monica Langley.  I loved this book, since Marc is using his business success to change important things, not all in the name of revenue generation but purely for  his community and people. “Trailblazer is an urgent and compelling book for anyone in business who yearns to fulfill a higher mission in the world. Marc’s powerful and poignant stories of leadership remind each of us what we can achieve when we abandon “business as usual” and make our values the driving force of our work.” - Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, author and philanthropist.
  • Would You Do That to Your Mother?: By Jeanne Bliss. In her new book she demonstrates why “Make Mom Proud” companies outperform their competition. Her 5-step guide to customer experience and culture transformation makes this achievement possible. I read this book recently and thought it was a great analogy and an excellent book as well.
  • The Experience Economy: By the super stars of customer experience Mr. Joe Pine and Mr. Jim Gimore.


Just in case you enjoyed our list so far, please share it and subscribe to participate in our draw to win 30 amazing books here, in our original article.

  • Friction: By Roger Dooley, this book points out all the things businesses do that only hurt their daily cause. By reading this book, your life will change since you will, from here forward, see all the frictions that exist in your everyday life.
  • Yellow Goldfish: By Stan Phelps and Rosaria Cirillo Louwman, this book discusses the benefits of a business that does a little extra to contribute to the happiness of its customers, employees, or society. Based on 300 case studies., it’s a great read, and has several useful business cases and insights.
  • The Age of Agile: This is an outstanding book exploring practical cases of Agile, from methodology to a philosophy, in companies including Microsoft, Ikea, Apple, and so many others. Truly, a really great read by Mr. Stephen Denning.
  • Leading With Happiness: A very good book and an interesting approach adopted by author Alexander Kjerulf. “Every leader should read it and learn how to promote happiness for employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and even the leader, him- or herself.”
  • The Hero Factor: It’s not profit over people that will make your business successful - it’s when you combine people and profits that you become A HERO LEADER. This book by Jeffrey Hayzlett is a great read that will stick with you.
  • Culture Your Culture: Organisational culture isn’t just a hot topic - it’s an untapped asset and potential liability for all businesses. And yet, for all its potential to make or break, few know how to manage cultures with proficiency. This is an evergreen kind of book - one that you always can return to again and  again. An amazing read from Karen Jaw-Madson.
  • Uplifting Service: This book by Ron Kaufman is what I often call evergreen or eternal, because I always return to it. A top quality book that I highly recommend. Stay tuned to Kaufman - he’ll have a new book out soon. 
  • Fusion: Another excellent book from Denise Lee Yohn. Learn how to unleash the power of brand-culture fusion to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and new growth.

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