Webinar: Get started with journey orchestration

22nd Nov 2021


The European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO)  in partnership with MyCustomer presents 'Getting Started with Journey Orchestration', a webinar hosted by customer experience and marketing luminary Dr. Graham Hill.

Graham Hill has over 30-years experience as a consultant, interim and director in the telecoms, financial services and other industries. Currently, he is advising a major UK telco on how to develop its machine learning, interaction personalisation and journey orchestration capabilities, as part of a multi-million pound digital transformation programme. Graham is a Director at Optima Partners and is also a senior adviser for the ECXO.

Five things attendees will learn...

  1. The state of CX today... It's not as rosy as you think.
  2. Why CX has evolved to Journey Orchestration.
  3. How Journey Orchestration puts the customer back into CX.
  4. How to implement Journey Orchestration in 90 days.

5. What's next after Journey Orchestration

When: Dec 1, 2021 5PM CET, 4PM GMT. Register in advance for this open access webinar by joining the European Customer Experience Organization with free open access to the community: https://lnkd.in/dSf_XU7

Or register directly in advance for this amazing webinar: https://lnkd.in/dhXyAmzf

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