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The next step in people-based marketing

26th Sep 2018
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GDPR has now been in full force for over three months. So far the Regulation has had the positive effect it was designed for by reinforcing the need for businesses and marketers to put their customers first. This will be welcome news for CX and CRM professionals. GDPR should also spur some established, but less than effective, targeting techniques onto greater heights. In particular, retargeting - the process of immediately targeting visitors to a website once they have left the site - should look to deliver better relevance for brands by adopting a more people-based approach. 

When it comes to digital targeting techniques, brands have wholeheartedly embraced site retargeting to turn online shoppers into fully converted money-spenders. It has long been seen as an effective way of using online data from the products and services people are searching for and the websites they visit.

The retargeting technique can be extremely effective in some cases, but it isn’t perfect. It relies heavily on recent web activity, meaning customers online are really focused only if they have visited the website or only recently bought online. When personalising messages using traditional retargeting, you’re also often limited to using just behavioural data. It can therefore ignore lapsed customers.

CRM retargeting, or offline retargeting as it is sometimes known, helps overcome the limitations of site retargeting. It provides more relevant digital advertising to customers by using data from a brand’s first party platforms. Instead of having data which is fragmented and siloed, marketers can run consistent, streamline, cross-channel  campaigns that connect customer identity, behaviour and preferences, across both the real world and online.

This new, more complete, view enables marketers to spot cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, define smarter audience segments, run better cross-channel campaigns and suppress ads and offers from existing customers.

This improvement in targeting and its relevance is made possible through people-based marketing, which reduces marketers’ reliance on disparate or unconnected online data. Therefore, focusing instead on connecting up information on real people and their real behaviours. With people-based marketing on the up, every second of every day has become an opportunity for brands to connect and communicate more effectively with their customers. [1]According to Kantar Media, if advertising/marketing is untargeted and ineffective, more people use ad blockers. Even if they have no objection to seeing the ads in principle, they simply become annoyed by excessive and irrelevant retargeting. A people-based approach allows content to be relayed to the right customers at the most appropriate time, which ultimately leads to a more enjoyable customer experience.

Identity resolution is central to delivering this experience, working as the ‘pipes’ that enable brands to connect with their customers. It unifies disparate data to create a complete view of the customer, which marketers can then use to improve marketing attribution and optimisation. The process looks at building an omnichannel view of customers, providing offline data matching, connecting online data from one destination to another and pulling together exposure from a number of platforms and publishers. This sets a complete and measurable understanding of customers behaviour.      

The single, persistent identity offers a deeper understanding of each consumer, underpinning targeting, measurement and personalisation. This is achieved by recognising and using previously disparate customer information across multiple channels, linking exposure and data back to real people. In essence, it closes the feedback cap, and makes everything more insightful. 

CRM retargeting is the next step in people-based marketing and presents a truly cross-channel, streamlined means of connecting data to real customers. Serving truly relevant ads to customers not only improves the immediate experience, but it builds trust, making CRM retargeting a win-win for brands and customers alike.

[1] Publishers Daily, Excessive Frequency, Retargeting Account for Ad Blocker Usage

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