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Applying Stop, Start, Continue, Change to CX

5th Feb 2021
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You have probably heard of the Stop, Start, Continue, Change model before, but if you haven't, it's a useful and straightforward way of analysing most things in a business. Essentially you look at what is happening in a process and consider the following:

Diagram of stop, start, continue, change business process

So how can you use this to improve customer experience?

First, start listening to your customers if you are not already

Choose your preferred survey method, ie. Net Promoter, Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction, etc. and the pick the best time to ask customers in their journey with you. Importantly, keep it short and simple. Abandonment rates are typically 8-15% for every extra question you ask.

Allow customer to tell you what is important to them

Your competitors now include every other company your customer deals with as they also want their attention. Make the short amount of time you can get, count. Don't ask lots of questions about what you think is important. Encourage your customers to talk easily and quickly about what matters to them.

Don't obsess about the scores

Scores can be a useful point in time metric, but they are one dimensional as they don't tell you how the customer feels. Customer experience is an emotional thing.

Read all the feedback

The feedback is where the gold lies. This is a big ask as it is time-consuming to read every bit of feedback but AI text analysis is now viable and affordable for any size of business, taking the grunt work out of sifting out the gold.

Group your customers on a spectrum of their experience

Research has shown that people are more likely to give you feedback if you exceed or fall short of their expectations so the chances are they won’t bother if you just did what you said you would i.e. what you told them in your marketing. This allows you to group your customers as follows:

Grouping customers by their experience

Customer expectations can be tricky to read as personal, cultural and societal influences can affect them. Still, the one thing you can be reasonably sure of is that customers will expect you at least do what you said and inferred in your marketing, and probably the marketing of your competitors.

Apply Stop, Start, Continue, Change

Our objective is to move as many customers as possible in to Group 3.

process cycle - applying stop, start, continue, change to CX

As with all processes, Change is where the work lies as today's exception can become an expectation in the future; however, if you keep listening, your customers will keep telling you what is working. That is what you do more of for more of your customers.

Be Like Amazon

Amazon is often used as a case study on how to do Customer Experience because they keep innovating to exceed customer expectations. It would be nice to have their budget, but at a simple level, we can all be Amazon by just listening and applying Stop, Start, Continue, Change. 


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