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5 Tips To Improve Your Employee's Customer Service

15th Nov 2018
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Of course, every enterprise is looking for the best ways to improve its relationship with customers. Regardless of how talented a team is and how great its products are, one thing that customers value is their interaction with the support team. Bottom line, the face of a company depends on its customer service team, and the quality and skill of customer service often define the experience of customers. Outstanding customer service involves attending and listening to the desires and needs of customers carefully. Your relationship with customers is likely to stagnate unless one looks for opportunities and uses tools such as it staffing to improve their customer service skills. The following are ways enterprises can take their customer service a notch higher.

Strengthen Service Skills

Of course, every manager wants their customer service team to have the right skills to attend to the needs of their target audience. While no CRM software can compensate for drawbacks in customer service, empathy, adaptability, consistency, and work ethic are some of the skills that managers are looking in their customer service representatives. Managers that are unsure if their customer service reps have the right skills should interview them to see if they possess each of these traits. The best way to measure up the skills that a customer service team has is to send them surveys through CRM programs.

Enhance Customer Service Strategy

Perhaps a customer service team that has the knowledge and is skilled in interacting with customers. However, there are many organizational strategies that a customer service team can employ to please its clients. The best way to achieve this and make customers happy whenever they present a problem to you is to practice proactive customer service. You may need to get personal to make customers feel like they have access to the customer service representative, but not FAQs or bots. Making yourself accessible to customers is part of the personal touch.

Create a Platform for Receiving Customer Feedback

Regardless of how proactive a customer service team is, it might not be able to address every customer concern. However, creating avenues for customers to raise their concerns can enable a customer service team to learn about the good and ugly experiences of their customers. Whether it is through an email survey or phone survey at the end of a call, customer feedback can make it easier for the customer service team to learn aspects that need improvement. Customer feedback also silences unhappy customers that are likely to voice their displeasure in platforms such as social media networks.

Improve Your Interaction with Customers

Companies that have highly skilled customer service representatives have everything it takes to improve their relationship with customers. However, their staff might also need to learn to relate to their customers. For example, these reps might need to identify a common ground such as shared interests with their target audience. Humanizing their relationship with customers makes it easier to overcome any form of conflict. A customer service representative might also need to rephrase and clarify what their target audience says to ensure they understand them clearly.

Look at Every Touchpoint

A brand can tarnish its relationship with customers through an unsatisfactory experience at any point in the lifecycle of the customer. Apart from making sure that
demonstrate the right skills, the manager should ensure that this is done consistently. While customer service teams might need to pay attention to their key touchpoints, they might also need to have a full view of the experience of their addressable market.

Whatever step an enterprise decides to take, keep in mind that feedback plays a critical role in increasing customer satisfaction. Companies that aren't sure what their weaknesses and strengths are should strive to get closer to their customer service representatives and customers. That will not only help identify skills that need enhancement but also demonstrate to customers that you will commit to proactive and top-notch customer service.


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