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How to Improve Customer and Agent Service

1st Jul 2016
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Customer ServicesKnowledge base is a storage space for valuable data. It serves for storing information valuable to the customers and employees, as well. The software can hugely help your customers find the needed help, or ease the work of your employees by keeping all your important documents in one place. And these are only two general reasons why knowledge base would be beneficial for your company. Let’s see how else this software can make your customer service better, as well as reduce your employees’ workload.

Less workload for the agents

With every bit of information uploaded online explained in detail, the customers will not have the need to contact your call centre for help. For example, each call requires a few minutes of an employee’s time, and they have to answer the same questions over and over. Less time spent on answering calls means your agents will have more time for other tasks. Also, their workload would be significantly diminished.

Moreover, the company would save billions of dollars by not having a call centre. Bad service could cost you a lot. It could affect your reputation, time spent on doing important work, and even employee quality. Also, you won’t have to have a special customer service team. So, you save on salaries, too.

Provide wikis, FAQs, guides and manuals

By using knowledge base, you would be able to create online manuals and guides that can be of  great help for your customers. They can find instructions on how to assemble products, how to use and take care of them. Additionally, to avoid having a call centre, create an online FAQs document. Here, your clients can get informed about everything related to buying and using your products.

Moreover, there can be an option to submit additional questions with a special form. The point is to save both agents’ and customers’ time. For instance, the clients wouldn’t have to wait for minutes to get connected to an agent.

Furthermore, by creating wikis you provide people with a lot of information about your company, industry, products, and so on. They are content storage that enables search options, with immediate answers and lots of information.

Share company documents with agents

Another useful side of knowledge base is the ability to share company data with the employees. Let’s say you just employed a new batch of employees. Each one of them needs to be trained and introduced to how the work flows and functions, but you probably do not have time for this. To save everyone’s time and money you should create wikis specified only for sharing internal company data. For instance, you can create training programs, such as customer service training.

The employed could study in their own pace and free time, instead of separating additional time for attending training courses. Moreover, you can upload tests and results, feedback, and additional material, as the course goes on, with every person being notified about the changes.

One more thing you could use knowledge base for, is for storing documents, files, emails, and other data that the employees could access from a central location on the cloud. This makes it easier for everyone to research, access or edit the documents. There would be no need for physical documents to be made. Also, anyone could make changes to the files, or add new ones to the directory.

Organise your agent's day with knowledge base

Beside being able to create corporate wikis, and share company documents with all the employees, you can also create meeting schedules, for example. To avoid going from one person to another, telling them about meetings, you can just send a file which has all the time and full schedule in it. For instance, you can create weekly timetable, which you would share at the beginning of the week.

This way, everyone would be able to organise accordingly and be notified about the weekly plan. Thanks to having the schedule uploaded on a central location, every agent would be able to see it, and strategize how to finish their workload. Also, they would know when a colleague is busy or not, which would be helpful if they needed a consult or a collaboration.

It is accessible from anywhere, anytimeCustomer Services accessOther than being beneficial for cutting time spent on answering customers’ questions, chasing colleagues in order to reach an agreement, or using paper, knowledge base is extremely useful for one more reason. That reason is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Because the files are stored on a cloud location, you would just need an internet connection to be able to access them.

Moreover, it could be done from any device, like a computer, phone, or a tablet. This is because knowledge base allows for every file, image, video, font, etc., to be adjusted to fit the screen. This also goes for customers, since they are able to find information about your services 24/7.

You also have the power to customise your knowledge base to fit with your brand. You can add specific colours, logos, and fonts. This is great if you want to create unique documents. Moreover, you can integrate it with other tools like Live Chat or Google Analytics.

Obviously, there are clear advantages of using knowledge base. Firstly, it offers great support for your customers. For instance, they are able to get help at any time, of any day. There is no more waiting on the line to be connected to an operator. Search option, and FAQs, are a great substitute for a call centre.

This saves both time and money for the customer and the company. Furthermore, knowledge base permits the creation and sharing of valuable files, schedules and other things like training courses, among the employees. So, consider incorporating this into your business, because it has numerous benefits for everyone. Clearly, it is an awesome tool for conducting business.

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