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How to Ace Social Selling

18th Nov 2015
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By Rob Thomas

To drive a purchasing decision on social media, you have to be a creative seller. While thousands of sales, business development and account management staff are trying to leverage social selling, only a few are making it. Still, there is a lot of untapped potential and you can make it, just like millions of other sales people have done.

Crucial Role of a Selling Routine

This is where a selling routine comes in because without it you are most certainly going to fail. For every single day, you need a routine to guide you and while this might sound taxing, you can in fact do it in 30 to 60 minutes before starting out.

Building a 12 –Step Selling Plan

Your routine has to be measurable, reproducible, independent and prescriptive. Here are simple steps to heed in order to have a successful day on your social selling beat.

  1. Identify content to be shared.
  2. Open your social media platforms to share this content from Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, amongst others.
  3. First check LinkedIn professional profile visits.
  4. Create 1st degree connection with anyone who has viewed your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Evaluate the level of your content engagement including likes, shares, follows and others.
  6. Create new connections to viewers with users who have shown interest yet are not in the 1st degree connections.
  7. Check alerts reviews, email reminders or any other form of interactions on LinkedIn.
  8. It is time to note hot buyers and integrate them into your account by including them in the tag folders.
  9. Share weekly content with those identified as hot buyers.
  10. Go through your social media once again and check for alerts, from Hootsuite and Google+ amongst others, to stay on top of things.
  11. Check your LinkedIn repeatedly and reply to any pending messages.
  12. Initiate fresh conversations to get the day going.

Remember content is king and you need to share and share again without ever ignoring anything on your profiles. Who said you can’t make it in social selling?

Social Selling Video Gallery

What's your experience in rolling out social selling?

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