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How to improve online reputation and monitor online reviews?

2nd Nov 2015
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When people are doing their research on the web to find a solution to their problem, or when they're looking for your services or products, you want to "look good". As 88% of people trust online comments, one way to do that is to build and manage a great online reputation. In an interview conducted by AGR Video Production, Rob Thomas explains the basics of how to improve online reputation and monitor online reviews.

Rob Thomas talks about Online Reviews

Key takeaways from the interview

  • Online reputation helps you stand out from the crowd

As everyone competes on customer service nowadays, building a strong online reputation is what makes you stand out above the crowd. Having a drawer full of great customer testimonials is not enough, your challenge is to make those testimonials public and accessible to everyone. You need to collect online reviews, testimonials, case studies, 5 star ratings. That is what online reputation is all about. Once achieved, your online reputation is what is going to make your customers pick up the phone to you rather than your competitors.Online Reputation Management Handbook
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  • How to build an online reputation

Nothing very complicated to start, just ask your customers for feedback! If they are satisfied with your business, they will probably be happy to give you a goodreview. A tip to make it easier for them, you can give them a frame of relevant questions to answer, so they know what to write about

- What problem were you trying to solve?

 - How did we solve it for you?

 - How has this benefited your business?

 - Would you recommend us to others?

It will take them only 2 minutes to answer, and once more, if you've done your job well, they'll be happy to do that for you.

  • What should you do with these reviews?

Spread them!  Put them on your website, on your blog, on your social media. You want everyone to see them. Don't forget to thank your customers for the review. You will show them that you really value their opinion, and it can be the opportunity to ask them to copy-paste their review somewhere else like Google+

With just a little effort, your business can appear with (good!) reviews on Google when people are searching for your services. This will help guide customers pick up the phone to you and not your competitors.



For more insights on how to maximise the impact of positive reviews and how to handle and prevent negative ones, download our practical handbook and take control of your online reputation.

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