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Why GigCX is transforming customer interactions

23rd Jan 2023
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The rising cost of living has caused everyone to approach the upcoming winter cautiously. Businesses will be reassessing budgets as consumers become more cost-conscious than ever. 

Customer service teams - who are also feeling the weight of rising costs - will no doubt be under pressure throughout the recession, especially as they deal with the added burden of disgruntled customers. In addition, customer service agents are struggling with the effects of the cost of living crisis and a lack of motivation.  

Research highlights that nearly half (48%) of customer service managers have seen a drop in customer willingness to buy, repeat purchases, and retention rates as a result of the potential recession. Growing employee and customer attrition and lack of engagement will be at the forefront of businesses’ agendas. 

The real question is: how can companies ensure high-quality customer service through these tumultuous times? Organizations need to focus on ensuring customer service is equipped to help customers through these difficult times. Augmenting the traditional customer service team with a new kind of customer service resource that is centered on empathy is just what is needed. Taking this step will also improve the quality of customer service and help reduce employee turnover.

Empowering people to do their best work is something that GigCX (Gig-based Customer Experience) excels in. Using GigCX means that Experts are self-motivated as they seek to always maintain and improve their ratings which increases the amount of work they can complete and therefore earn. The 2022 GigCX Report shows that 90% of individuals who perform GigCX jobs say it has improved their lives, while 83% say it has had a positive effect on their mental well-being. 

Given this, it’s time to explore how organizations can ensure their customer service model is empowered. 

Changing the face of customer interaction

The customer experience (CX) environment has undergone a significant upheaval in the previous two years. Customers started to rely on digital channels as a result of being isolated at home. Numerous companies made significant investments in their digital customer self-service facilities in response to this, to manage the sharp increase in demand. 

Similar to how the gig economy has improved the delivery of goods, food, and transportation, GigCX is fundamentally altering how companies conduct customer service. GigCX representatives are spread throughout the world, providing businesses with a more adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective customer experience strategy. This gives brands access to a vast pool of talent, combatting the issues of employee attrition that have been so prevalent in the customer service industry. 

Ultimately, businesses will benefit from a highly skilled talent pool to source from, and the speed to competence time is reduced significantly in comparison to that of call centers. It also improves the resilience of service operations by reducing the risk of outages in certain countries or parts of the world. Overall, GigCX makes customer service operations faster, more secure, more agile, and more efficient. 

GigCX enables businesses to securely route customer support inquiries from their systems to a pool of experienced product experts that respond to inquiries on behalf of well-known and adored brands. Customers experience  brands can use  GigCX to connect with customers  in a more human way, something that is crucial in maintaining strong relationships with customers. 

Empathetic conversations 

Inflation is currently impacting customer purchasing decisions, which means consumers are questioning their buying habits and looking for the best deals, and not necessarily choosing the brands they love. Consumers' budgets are being squeezed, which can have a meaningful impact on their loyalty. As a result, the importance of interpersonal interactions and building meaningful connections with customers have never been more important.

In the 2022 GigCX Report, 70% of customers stated they would have more faith in customer service teams if the customer service teams were made up of customers. 

Experts enable firms to move far beyond straightforward transactional connections. Their real, empathic interactions demonstrate how passionate they are and allow them to connect well with customers. They are better suited to aid the consumer experience because they are devoted to and love the brand, as customers themselves.

Today's consumers have higher expectations, and more than 60% say they are likely to switch businesses after just one negative experience. However, 70% of clients whose issues are satisfactorily resolved say they are prepared to do business with the organization once more. A lack of empathy could contribute to a negative experience and this can deter customers away from brands. Given rising costs, companies need to provide exceptional service and experience to their clients to ensure customers remain loyal. By adopting alternative models, businesses can create meaningful conversations with customers to foster stronger relationships. 

Better results 

Ultimately, GigCX is a way to innovate and elevate your customer service. Customer success has become a crucial area of attention for firms looking to promote long-term business growth, especially with the threat of a looming recession. Through GigCX, we have seen that businesses are reinventing how they engage with customers to generate loyalty.

Rather than  simulating the interaction between customers and CX employees, GigCX representatives interact   easily with new and returning clients in a new model of interaction. According to a recent study by Dixa, an astounding 96% of consumers said empathy from customer care personnel is crucial during a support interaction. Being able to link current consumers with potential customers has become increasingly important for building trusting relationships.

In addition, the greatest method to coach someone on how to do something or assist them with getting started is with genuine conversations. Simple operations can be automated with basic chatbots, but for meaningful interactions, organizations must personalize their processes to engage with customers. GigCX experts have walked in their customers' shoes, their conversation is not based on the problem, but on a shared experience. These interpersonal interactions have a higher likelihood of retaining clients longer, escalating their spending over time, and boosting their lifetime worth.

The bottom line

GigCX is not a replacement for traditional contact centers. With contact centers already adopting cloud-based platforms, the contact center of tomorrow is set to be spread all over the world. GigCX can act as a new resource pool within this development, that allows businesses to connect with their customers in a new way and build meaningful connections - something that will undoubtedly be pivotal going forward. GigCX can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to empower their customer service teams to achieve the best results.


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