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How to use email to enhance customer experience

23rd Oct 2019
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If you want to own the business world in 2019, you’ll need more than just ads. If you want to stand out, you better deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

According to research by Bain & Company, a whopping 80% of CEOs think they are doing an excellent job in stark contrast of just 8% of customers who agree. This should be a clear message of how so many enterprises get the whole customer experience wrong.

How do you tackle this problem? A simple yet powerful way is to send excellent emails. Here are six powerful ways you can do the same.

Avoid Poor Introduction

Many people take welcome emails for granted. Since they have already subscribed, many companies don’t see the need to send a perfect introduction. But in reality, they are an excellent way to grab your client’s attention, tell them the following steps they need to take, or even secure their very first purchase on your website.

A welcome email is a wonderful way of starting your customer relationship strong. Take steps to personalize the letter, don't just simply add their names. Utilize the sign up to collect additional information about your subscribers. Or you can just use the welcome email itself to obtain more information about what they're interested in.

Evaluate Feedback

Emails are a great way of surveying your clients. However, remember to respect your customer's time. Try not to bombard your clients with too many questions. Be careful not to send repetitive feedbacks or surveys frequently, and this can be very annoying and putt off your customers from your company. Make sure that there is a significant gap between every feedback. Also, if your customers are not interested in feedback, give them an option to unsubscribe from such surveys.

Celebrate Personal Events

This typically includes sending emails wishing them on their birthdays. Generally, this comes with a special discount, free gift, offer or inviting them to visit your store. These are all wonderful ways to express your appreciation to your customers, and offering special discounts will motivate them to make a purchase. Another way you can show your appreciation is by celebrating your customers first purchase, or when they sign up.

Take steps to recognize and celebrate your loyal customers. They’re much more like to purchase consistently from your store. It is actually easier to retain existing customers than to recruit new ones.

After you have figured how who your loyal customers are, separate them from the rest and provide them with special offers every now and then. This is a simple yet effective way of retaining your customers.

And importantly, don’t forget to send personal thank you emails every now and then. You can inform them of how many purchases or how much they have spent and thank them for the same.

Re-Engage With Your Customers

You can use automated systems to effectively re-engage with some of your customers who haven't been in touch with your company for a long time. Thanks to technology, you'll be able to track your clients buying patterns as well as the frequency. If any of your customers haven't initiated a purchase for a certain period of time, you can send a re-engagement email to notify them about it and introduce them to the products or services you are offering and better if some sale or discounts are going on. 

Be Accessible

Communication is and should always be two ways. Just the way you want to communicate with your clients through email for your marketing prospects, always ensure that your email channels are open in case your customers want to communicate with you. Whenever your clients feel the need to reach out to you, take all the necessary steps to answer their queries, or solve their problems.

Remember that customers completely hate waiting a long time to get a reply from customer support. Make sure to answer back at a maximum of 48 hours after they have contacted you. A strong and round the clock customer support team is the answer to this problem.

Personalize Your Customer’s Email Experience

Thanks to data collection, you can track every one of your customer's buying patterns. You can use this information to personalize and customize your customer's experience. If you know what your customer is interested in, you can send them emails of similar content, which will establish a secure connection and ultimately result in more business.


Email is a powerful way to engage with your customers but use it in the right way. And even with all the advantages of email, remember that customer has the ultimate control. If you receive permission to communicate with your customers on their channel, don't go overboard. This can prompt your customer to ignore your future emails, or worse, even unsubscribe from you.

By investing the right amount of energy and time in tailoring your emails, you will be able to ensure that every email that reaches your customer contains a lot of value.

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