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5 Tips on Keeping Your Sales Team Happy

15th Feb 2017
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The sales team of your company is one of the most crucial teams within your company. They dictate the income of your company and if they fail at their tasks then your company’s finances will surely take a big hit. This is why you need to put a conscious effort in keeping the sales people motivated and most importantly happy. This way, they remain to be productive at all times.

Employee satisfaction is always a priority that any business owner should consider. As long as his or her employees are happy at work then there would be less chances of having issues with their performance including their relations with co-workers. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider in order to keep your sales team happy and motivated.

1. Avoid Complexities

Converting prospects into legitimate customers is already a tough task that is why adding complexities to their work is never welcome. The key to make them happy is to keep things simple as much as possible. Your sales team could be impressed with all the modern technology or gadgets that you could introduce to them but if it does not make their work more convenient and rather just add up to the hassle then they should be deemed as unnecessary. Instead of investing on new tools and gadgets, might as well give your team a training program to make them improve on how to use the current tools or technology that your company is already using.

2. Hold Meeting Only When Necessary

These days, we already have enough tools and technology to make sure that everyone in the company is able to communicate with each other despite distance and other factors. Organizing a meeting is a way to gather each and every one for face to face communication but not everyone in that meeting is actually important or interested. This is why you should only conduct a meeting whenever it is necessary and very important. Doing it at least once or twice a month would already be fair enough. Plus, a meeting usually ends up longer than expected which eats up the free time of employees. Your sales team treasures their free time and you should respect that.

3. Train, Train, Train

Keep on reminding your sales team that there is always room for them to grow and improve on their skills with sales conversion. However, do not forget to compliment them for their current skill levels as well. The best way to approach this with your sales team is to provide them with continuous training and make them feel of their potential to be the best sales people that they can be. This is another way of showing them support in what they do or rather what they do best.

4. If Possible, Allow Flexibility

Working in flexible hours actually results to better productivity compared to employees who are stuck in a working schedule. Keep in mind that sales roles require timing and by allowing them to work in flexible hours then they can choose when to maximize their efforts and at the same time avoid working hours that are spent with lots of downtime. This privilege should not be much of an issue as long as you are able to hire people that you can trust.

5. Always be there for them

The sales team should know that you got their backs all the time. This is the best way to establish trust and camaraderie between you and your sales personnel. It is sometimes inevitable for them to commit mistakes but instead of scolding them, try to teach them instead in order to avoid the same mistake next time. We already know that the customer is always right but that does not mean that sales people are on the wrong side when it comes to sales-related problems.

By keeping your sales team happy and motivated, you are able to strengthen not just the sales team but your company in general. This does not mean that you consider the team like a teacher’s pet but just pay special attention to them so that they’d become the best that that they can be.

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