How To Convert A New Visitor Into A Loyal Customer

12th May 2017

Businesses spend a lot of time, money and effort to come up with excellent marketing strategies so that they can convert a new visitor into a loyal customer and build a larger customer base. Devoting time and resources for growing the customer base is not a bad thing, but it is important to give equal attention to retention of clients. Brand loyalty is essential for a successful business, but it’s challenging to obtain. Here are some strategies that can help businesses to win customers for life.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

The best way of making sure that the customers keep on coming back to your store is to give them the best shopping experience. If the clients a happy with their experience, then they nor just come back themselves, but will also tell their friends you will not just be retaining customers but also attracting new ones. Live up to the expectations of customers, and you will not have any problem with their clients.

  1. Email Marketing

The email marketing is highly effective in today’s marketing world, mainly because it is a cost-effective way of increasing the conversion rate. Email marketing is effective because it helps in keeping your business in the mind of the customers whenever they think of shopping. It allows you to benefit from impulse purchases as well. It is an excellent way of creating a sense of familiarity and developing a good relationship. The best way of staying connected to the customer base is to send a newsletter to the list of clients.

  1. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an excellent way of keeping the customers interested, and they will keep coming back to your online store. These programs are very common in the offline world, and a lot of big brands use them all the time, but it is also an efficient method for the online stores. You can offer loyalty points and discount offers so that they are tempted to shop at your place. Rewarding the customers will result in repeat purchases.

  1. Delivery Services

Affordable and efficient delivery service is an essential element in providing satisfactory customer experience. If the customers have to pay about 15 % or more for shipping, then they will reconsider their purchase. If you want them to stay with your brand, then you should offer discounted and free shipping as it is an attractive feature which will always win the loyalty of people.

  1. Discount & Promotional Codes

People are always attracted by offers that help them in saving money, so when you share promotional codes and discounts, then they will be tempted to prefer your online store over others. If you have the list of email addresses of people who have made purchases on your site, then you should make sure that you share the discounts with them on a regular basis.

  1. Acknowledge Orders

Customers always prefer online stores that acknowledge their orders because it lets them know that the business cares about them. It will also let the clients know that their order has been placed successfully. You can use the auto-reply feature so that for every order they get a personal email. It is an excellent way to earning the trust of clients as you will be able to keep them informed about the status of the order.

  1. Multiple Contact Options

You should give more than one contact method so the customers can contact the e-commerce company without any difficulty. If there is any complaint they want to register or any question they want to ask. Give the company’s email, fax number as well as a phone number a so that there is the minimum chance of customers failing to get information. Make sure that you can address any complaints or questions without any delay.

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