How are chatbots impacting customer experience?

Humans and machines have always worked in harmony with each other since long and their relation keeps on growing stronger with passing time. We have come a long way from inventing axe in Bronze Age to assist us in hunting to developing AI or Artificial Intelligence, self-capable in taking care of our almost every need.

AI is the future and almost every sector is either integrating or seeking ways to incorporate it into their system to provide their customers with a unique experience. The central idea behind creating AI was to make human lives better and that’s where chatbots come into play.

Chatbots or Chattering robots is a new age technology developed with the core purpose of communicating with humans, providing assistance to their day to day activities. It works by recognising the keywords in human queries and responding with predefined answers via textual or auditory means using AI and a set of algorithms.

The possibilities with Chatbots are endless. Whether we realised or not at the time, we have already interacted with them through Alexa, Siri or Cordena. Let’s find out in what ways Chatbots are leaving impressions on the market industry and impacting the overall customer experience:

  • Round the clock service

Imagine having an employee work for you 24/7/365 without ever needing a holiday without hardly expecting any salary at all. This is exactly what a chatbot does for you, it never sleeps. And it doesn’t get tired either.

Generally, people have to spend 7 mins on an average before a service agent is assigned to them. With chatbots, waiting for someone to attend your call will be a thing of the past.

  • Minimal error possibility

A study shows that human beings can focus only on maximum 3-4 things at once and a limited number of agents can never hope to handle a sudden influx of incoming calls, but chatbots can.

Studies also support the fact that people are getting more comfortable communicating with machines and more hesitant talking to real ones.

Chatbots, on the other hand, can maintain a conversation with unlimited groups simultaneously without the possibility of any error or be mixing up any two calls.

  • Customising itself to fit

An amazing fact about chatbots is that they get intelligent over time. This is made possible due to their ability to keep gathering personal info of their customer along with keeping track of their purchase history.

This accumulation of data enables the chatbots to acknowledge its customer next time by their name along with providing better suggestions by analysing his past preferences thus strengthening the bond.

  • Focus on building trust

Not in the nearby future but a time will come when Chatbots will entirely replace humans as customer support executives because of their ability to interact on a more personal level with humans.

Chatbots will be like personal assistants to the customers, solving their queries, offering suggestions based on preferences in real time and that too repeatedly without getting bored or angry because chatbots, unlike humans, don’t have bad days.

Closing thoughts

The main reason why we have incorporated chatbots so easily in our lives is that of the fact that it doesn’t use any distinct app to download, most of the chatbots are already integrated within popular messenger apps such as Skype, Facebook messenger, Cisco, Spark etc which is already being used by billions worldwide.

The possibilities with Chatbots are endless in the customer service sector that is growing at a rapid pace esp. in BPO services India and elsewhere.

According to Gartner, by 2018, 30 percent of our interactions with new technologies will be through ‘conversations’ with smart machines.

 These smart machines or chatbots are already making a huge impact on our society and changing our perceptions about the way we look at them.

About Sahib1989

About Sahib1989

Sahib has worked in several multi-national organizations that offer BPO services and focus on customer experience. During his tenure in these organizations, he has worked in several roles, whether ground level roles interacting with customers or in roles where he had to devise customer engagement strategies. This has given him a unique insight into the world of contact centres and customer service. 


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06th Jan 2018 09:26

Meaningful article, Sahib. Chatbots are incorporated by many companies nowadays to handle their customers and it is actually an amazing way to save resource costs and the customer will get the good quality of services.

Neha Gupta

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