5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Efficiency

28th Dec 2015

Employees are considered to be an asset of an organization and the level of the employee’s productivity in any organization is largely responsible for the profit making ability and its survival in the long run. Hence, it is not only important to recruit right people but it is also crucial to maintain their efficiency and productivity. These days’ employees are forced to spend more time at the office but exceeding the office hours does not mean increasing the productivity. Instead, firms should make an effort to increase the efficiency of the workers which will lead to individual growth and development of the firm.

Numerous experts described various tips on productivity but here are few which are not heard. Here are those 5 ways to increase the employee efficiency:

1.     Efficient use of technology

Efficient use of technology should be done to boost the efficiency of the employees and make the work easier. Tasks that are routine and mandatory should be automated which can help to save the time and man power which can be used to tackle the complex tasks associated with the business. Enterprise resource planning (ERP software) is well known and widely used business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. It not only reduces the cost of operations but also makes the work easier for the employees.

2.     Reduce meetings

The number of meetings should be minimized and avoided as they are said to be productivity killers. Many meetings are scheduled to share the updates, restrictions or policies which could have easily been communicated through the email. Meetings should be avoided if the purpose can be fulfilled through emails or one to one discussions. For example: If 10 people attended the meeting that is scheduled for 1 hour than it is the loss of 10 hours to the firm.  Hence, reducing the number of meetings can help to save the crucial time of the employees. Firms should lay restriction on the maximum number of meetings to be scheduled during a given time period to ensure more efficiency.

3.     Organized breaks

People spend a majority of their time at the workplace and hence it is very important that they should be happy and relaxed during the working hours. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend 8.8 hours a day in the workplace which is even more than the 7.7 hours spent on sleeping. Hence, a proper environment should be created so that the employees feel motivated to work. A a proper organized breaks should be given to the employees at regular intervals. Allowing the employees to spend some free time to relax and interact with each other can be a real help to increase the efficiency.

4.     Train and ask for feedback

Employees cannot perform well if the expectations are communicated clearly to the employees. Proper training pertaining to the job and job responsibilities should be given to the employees so that they can deliver their best. Performance reviews should be done on the timely basis and feedback for their performance should be shared. Employers should give feedback regarding their performance and ask for feedback on how you can help them to do better. Employees feel good when they realize that there is someone to understand their concerns and solve them. As per the former CEO of Xerox Corporation, “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”   

5.     Give incentives

If the company expects the staff to be motivated for the company’s success, then the company should be motivated for the staffs’ success. Try and come up with different ways to motivate and reward the employees. An incentive structure should be designed to encourage the employees to work and achieve the targets. The incentives need not be monetary all the times. It can be in the form of a day off, liberty in working condition, gift vouchers or anything that can make the employee happy and willing to work for the company.


Hiring talented employees is of no use if the talent is not utilized to the fullest. Companies should make efforts to increase the efficiency of the employees as it is the key to increasing the performance and productivity of the company.  The company that has happy and productive employees is most likely to see an increase in profit and sales. Efficient employees can tap into more opportunities and make the business more successful

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