How to Generate More Registration Signups for Your App

13th Aug 2016


For general users, a mobile app is a very convenient tool to features or content of a particular app maker or company. Since there are more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, the possibilities are endless for companies and developers.  

82% of media time on mobile is spent exclusively on apps: Source

However, one simple question that bothers app developer is the query of how to optimize and create their product so that they can attract a pool of loyal users. Whether is it iPhone or android app developer, they have to ask themselves, when is the right time to push for a registration or a sign-up drive. That’s because the number of active and registered users is a benchmark for describing how popular or useful software is.  

Well, there are many facets associated with this particular phenomenon, as many app makers use different strategies—or have absolutely no strategy—regarding the conversation of a download to a sign-up. However, to create a plethora of royal users, registration is the first and most important step. If your plan fails, your creation may end up with only a handful of users, which would be seen a huge defeat.

So, let us take a look and understand how app creators can lure in maximum user registrations or sign ups for their beloved project. 

1. Make fantastic pre-plan strategies to lure users

When you create an application for the users to enjoy, you expect that they get best experience with your innovation. This good experience is the key when you want to convert a casual user into a loyal customer.

However, a competent strategy and a plan is a must for this. For some applications, registration is absolutely necessary, for example, software created by banks to use the internet or mobile banking. However, for some marketers, allowing non-registered people to explore and check out various segments of their app is a necessary; for instance, online grocery stores.

However, the former strategy here may backfire and you may end up losing 56 percent of viewers.

Your app must follow these lines, but ultimately you have to decide what is best for your product.   

In addition, as per Nielsen, 63% of people ‘use the search button’ when they look for new apps. Thus, before launching your product, make sure that the application’s name is in accordance with a keyword or relevance.

In addition, you can insist on having a pre-launch plan to gain the attention of the people. The plan should come up with interesting things like gaining a free invite to register in lieu of 3 referrals to friends etc. or to provide pre-launch registration chance just to create the buzz and excitement.

2. Use social media

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give developers the chance to present their case in front of an enormous crowd of opportunities. Many have used social media before to advertise their creation, but you have to diverse a bit to promote user-signups along with it.

Twitter can help you to reach real influences by just mentioning them in your post and the move can seriously bump your download counts. You can also use to Twitter Cards, as it can enhance your app’s visibility.

Apart from that, even Facebook is well equipped to enhance your app’s visibility. Just setting up a page for your app on Facebook can do the trick. You will get feedback, generate buzz, and gain credibility. You can promote content related to your product and in turn get new users. Also, via social media instruments, you can even run various unique campaigns to charm people to sign-up with you.  

3. Offer something extra; give incentive

It does not matter whether you are offering paid subscription or free sign up for your tool, giving something extra to the customer always provides that Brownie Point. You can offer things like free e-books or newsletters, discount coupons, or maybe even a one-month free trial of your product, if it is paid software.

There can be many offers, which you can give, like this one from

People love it when you offer them something free or give them a discount. You can easily use this psychology and get signups for your product. Also, reward people who join you early, as they have put faith in your new, and unproven, application. Just tag it as early adopter reward.

4. Prepare your Influencers

Influencers are individuals who are very popular for the in-depth knowledge they possess over a topic. You can approach them and ask their help to promote your work; they will gladly offer their help. They will review your app and this will generate positivity and increase your credibility. However, finding good influencers can be tricky but whole practice can become easy if you already have an existing network. Just keep in mind the following things when you select the best influencers from your existing pool:

  • Relevance: they must be active in the domains and targeted markets you need. 
  • Reach: they must have a wide reach so that it can benefit your plans. The number of followers, that an influencer has, is a great indicator of the reach. 
  • Engagement: if your network has several influencers, make sure to connect with the ones who talk and comment with their followers. You don’t want an influencer who just shares the posts.

5. Make a relevant video

Creating an exclusive video for your software can be a very beneficial thing for your product’s growth. However, make sure that the video is professionally made and is relevant to your cause. Generally, many tool-makers opt for the best video creators for the job. 

But you can also DIY and make a competent video on your own if your budget is a bit tight. Use tools like Apptamin for the project.

The video should tell the USP of your product and it should clear all doubts of the viewers.

This will certainly allow more signup conversations as your viewers would be clear about what you do and what you can offer. In addition, use subtitles in your video just to cover all bases. Doing these things would easily bump up the download and sign up numbers.

Creating is a buzz is important when you want your product to reach all four corners of the world. However, getting users to register with you is the battle that you have to be victorious in if you want to win the actual war.

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By meolan8
10th Jul 2017 06:15

If you’re offering a new product or service, consider offering an incentive to early adopters. This can be a great way to get customers for a product or service that might be unproven. The incentive doesn’t even have to be that big (even something like an “early adopter” or “founding member” badge on a social network can work wonders), depending on what the primary offer is. (Obviously, the more expensive the offer, the better the incentive should be.) I did the same thing to get more signups for 3DS Emulator.

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By felixmorel
23rd Mar 2018 05:16

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