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How to Use Online Videos Improve Customer Service

29th Sep 2017
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Have you ever called a service provider, i.e. a gas company, an electricity supplier, a digital TV or internet provider, etc., only to be offered multiple "Press 1 for X" and "Press 2 for Y" options with no idea which option to choose? And how many times were you able to eventually reach a customer service agent, only to be told that they were unable to answer your query and would need to pass you on to another agent, leaving you back on hold for an even longer period of time? We have all been there and thought, “They really need to improve their customer service" or "This is not how I should be treated!"

Whether we like it or not, the times are changing.  So too must businesses adapt to stay ahead of the consumerism game. We can very easily remember the companies, stores, restaurants, and services which have delivered fantastic customer service every single time.  These are the businesses that we are always happy to recommend to friends, family, and colleagues. It is this recommendation which grows a business and entices new customers into using a particular company or service. So, why haven't businesses realized that if they simply improve their customer service, it could mean the difference between growing their customer base and losing it to another company providing a more superior level of customer service?

The reality is that improving your business’ customer service is not rocket science. If you maintain the view that the customer is king and truly believe it at the very heart of your business, you will ultimately keep the customers you have and even attract more.  This works whether you are running a small business or a large company or even whether you are working for yourself by providing a niche service. Fortunately, businesses today have a number of support channels available, and video is one of them. The video is quickly becoming a tool that every company should incorporate into their customer service program. So, what kind of online videos can you create to improve your customer service?

1. “How-to” videos:

“How-to” videos are one of the simplest and most-effective ways to engage your customers. They save your buyer from having to explore the internet in search of new products that are confusing and time-consuming, like complex technological products. “How-to” videos walk buyers through the product’s functions. For example, laptops and smartphones are intimidating for some customers interested in upgrading from the basic model and the included manuals are usually vague. Your customers should never have to browse through a website to search for answers.

“How-to” videos send the buyer a positive signal. Posting these videos on your website demonstrates your willingness to explain your products. This does not mean that customers can’t contact your support agents to learn more, but videos can be viewed anytime, while call centers have limited hours of availability.

2.    FAQ videos:

FAQ videos provide significant advantages. They help both potential and existing buyers find the right information more easily. Unfortunately, improvements still need to be made, as customers must go through the frustration of browsing through the sometimes-lengthy FAQ section. Sometimes this can be time-consuming.  Instead, FAQ videos can help customers through specific processes like account registration, bill payment, delivery scheduling, alternative products, etc. by making use of the website’s own visuals. Brands can respond to social media inquiries by building a catalog of FAQ videos on their website and linking them to the most-relevant videos.

3.    Live video chats:

These are another favorite customer service tool. Live chat widget customers can be used to start conversations between customers and support agents.  Queries can be resolved and questions answered. Many businesses are still text-based; however, finding solutions to technical problems in text form can be a tedious task. It’s also time-consuming, which angers customers.

Live video chats are a more personal form of customer service and provide a faster response. Face-to-face conversations also provide the support agent with the opportunity to evaluate the customer’s mood and expressions to help them better deal with situations in the most appropriate manner.  Faster agent response can also boost productivity.

4.    Customer review testimonials:

Customer testimonials increase a business’ credibility.  Potential customers can go to specialist websites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, or social media sites to locate reviews about your business from previous buyers. Customers can share experiences about services or products in order to help others make their decision.     Satisfied customers’ positive reviews provide prospective buyers with peace of mind. Just remember that a certain level of trust is required since anyone could use a fake profile to write anything, whether true or not.

A brief video by a satisfied customer explaining how your business or its products or services helped them can create a more engaging, authentic overview of your business than a few lines of text. Note: Use real customers, not actors! You can lose customers if they found out the videos are staged.

5.    Webinars:

Webinars show the human side of your business by helping to reveal the skills and expertise of your products or service. They may also include a Q&A with questions submitted by customers or with demonstrations of upcoming projects. Live webinar hosting also provides potential customers with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with presenters. This tells your customers that your business is open and engaging.

Saving the videos on your website allows for repeat viewings and editing them into parts makes them accessible for reference so customers aren’t forced to search through long videos of inapplicable content.

When done appropriately, videos have the potential to significantly improve the public's perception of your brand.  You should begin to notice more page activity and customer comment posts after posting a few positively-received videos. Integrating video into your customer service strategy will help you stand out from your competitors today.

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