So you think you know about empathy? Think again

20th Sep 2021

Here are 16 great reasons why you should buy a ticket to the Ei Evolution Summit on 12th October. These global names have been brought together for the first time to talk about experience (customer, employee, remote and wellbeing) through the lens of emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence.  Their sessions will help us all figure out what we could do differently to get better results:

  1. Lisa Feldman Barrett - the world’s number one brain scientist is revealing the truth about emotions. This will change the way you design your experiences. Forever!
  2. Daniel Goleman - THE Godfather of Emotional Intelligence shares his insight on how we could make better decisions in this time of uncertainty. You’ll review your influencing style after this.
  3. Adrian Swinscoe - continuing with his PUNK CX outlook, will give you hints and tips to help you keep your empathy muscle in shape!
  4. Clare Muscutt (WiCX) - Award winning podcast host and Women in CX founder shares her experience of building one of the most powerful communities in CX.
  5. Jeremy Dean - helps us understand how emotion can be brought into work conversations and shares the magical stories of what happens when it does!
  6. Azeem Saheer - LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ® Facilitator explains how “thinking with hands” can build teams, solve problems and create more effective experiences for employees and customers.
  7. Alex Allwood - author of Customer Empathy, leads a frank discussion about empathy and leadership and you’ll find out about the three empathy enemies ‘botox, biases and blindspots’.
  8. Ian Golding - Global CX specialist helps us navigate the tension between the need to invest in employee and customer experience against the backdrop of budget scarcity.
  9. Emma Corrie - shows us how to breathe using a Wim Hof method. Who knew breathing well could make you feel so powerful?
  10. Joshua Feast - describes a time when employee engagement score rose 66% and CSat increased by 23% in a quarter when a client harnessed empathy in their contact centre?
  11. Bill Staikos (VP at Medallia) and
  12. S. Michele Nevarez, MSPOD (CEO at GolemanEI) debate the role of emotional intelligence in employee engagement.
  13. Roberta Sawatzky MA - Remote Work researcher and expert tell us which EIGHT killer skills we all need to be an effective remote worker. We could all benefit from this sage insight!
  14. Gustavo Razzetti - Culture Designer (Fearless Culture) and
  15. Corine Tan   (TECH stars LA 2020) debate the paradox of psychological safety promoting radical candor, positive friction, and healthy debates.

The 16th reason why you should buy a ticket to the Ei Evolution Summit is because we now have a library of 49 interviews, talks, workshops and webinars from experts in customer, employee and remote work experience.  Each session gives you nuggets of insight, new tools and models you can use now in your work and personal lives.  When you buy your ticket you get unlimited access to this wonderful treasure chest.

What are you waiting for?  This insane group of humans have been brought together to give you the best chance of understanding emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence at a time of uncertainty.  Their sessions - the live talks on the 12th October and all of the recordings will help you get the clarity you need to do better experience work and make much better decisions over the next couple of years. 

One Summit delegate said “this event caught my eye as one of the most relevant I have seen in the last 18 months!  Looking forward to it.  Grab your ticket now. 

See you there!


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