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4 tips for hiring customer service staff

13th May 2020
Digital Strategist
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Hiring the right customer service employee for your startup is just like having a great business idea to start. After all, when a startup starts growing, it becomes the responsibility of the team members to operate it effectively. When the customers of your business are happy, then only you can operate the company in the competitive world successfully. 

Customer service represents the brand image of your business. So, how will you maintain the image of your business? Obviously, by hiring the right customer service employee for your startup. It will be the responsibility of the customer service employee to deal with the new challenges and satisfy all the needs of the customers. So, how do you find and hire great reps? The most important for the hiring process of the customer service employee is to look for excellent skills and abilities. 

As a matter of fact, skills can be taught. People can gain experience by starting working in their respective fields. But personality is something that's hard to fix. If the hired employee doesn't have the temperament for the customer support, doesn't fit in with your team, or doesn't agree with your brand's personality and principles, that's going to be a hard row to hoe. 

It would not be wrong to say, it's' not just the resume, application, interview, and hiring that brings you the best people. It's the onboarding process, the training, the short-term reviews and more. 

However, the stakes are quite high to choose the right person for the customer service job. It has been estimated that 91% of the customers won't return to a company, if they don't like the customer service of the company. So, the hiring of one wrong employee to the organization can put a significant dent in your bottom line.

Tips to hire the best customer service employee for your startup

Are you looking for the best tips to hire the best customer service employee for your organization? If so, keep on reading this article to get great tips to hire excellent customer service employees for the organization. 

Define the success criteria for the job 

Do you have an idea about the success criteria for this job profile? The first and foremost tip for recruiting the best customer service employee for your startup is to get an idea about that. If you know, what's the success rate for the customer service employee, it will become easy for you to find the best talent while handling the recruiting process. 

You have to present a clear picture of your business expectation level to the people while interviewing and then see how they are responding to them? The skills and abilities of the employee should be aligned with the job profile designed by the company.  

When he knows what is expected, and it is measurable, then it becomes a goal that can be tracked and monitored. While selecting the employee, you have to make sure whether he can build a positive brand image in the eyes of your targeted customers. If yes, then you have to describe the goals of your business to them. Goal setting helps new employees stay focused on their personal and organizational goals. In fact, it also informs leaders of the company on how to guide teams to success. 

Always ensure that the goals of your business must be SMART enough to align all employees on the same page so that they can work together to achieve success. SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. 

But some startups use different acronyms to define their startup's goals in front of the employees- WETCO. It describes the traits of the person who can effectively do the work of the customer service employee for the organization. So, if you find these skills in one person, just hire them without having a single doubt. 

W is for Warmth: The nature of simple human kindness.

E is for Empathy: The ability to sense the feelings of others.

T is for Teamwork: An inclination towards working together in a team as opposed to doing things alone.

C is for Conscientiousness: The ability to follow the work through to completion.

O is for Optimism: The ability to see everything positively. 

Challenge them with real day-to-day problems

The next tip for recruiting the talented customer service employee for your startup is to see whether the interviewee can resolve the real day-to-day issues quickly. In this way, you can have a better idea of the skills and capabilities of the people who have appeared for the job interview. 

If you want to know the real capability of the employee during an interview, you can give your candidates the real challenges to solve them on the spot. The companies with the most talented customer service teams focus on the practical questions related to problems they might face in their role, rather than generic brain teasers. 

After all, they have to solve the customer's queries effectively without affecting the brand image of the business. So, these types of questions can help to evaluate the ability of the candidate to solve the problems. And also give you the insight into their thought processes. 

Don't you think, selecting the best option through multiple solutions would be your best way out to select the right employee for your startup? In this way, you can also find out whether the employee chosen has the confidence, the ability to think out of the box, and work under pressure.

Now, are you confused, which questions should you ask from them? Below shared are some of the questions raised by the top-most enterprises of the business world-

Apple asked, "When you have no clue about the answer to the raised query, how will you handle that customer service situation?

Microsoft asked, "How will you explain the internet to your grandparents."

Airbnb asked, "If you find a person/customer who is violating the policy of the company, how will you react in that situation?''

Dropbox asked, "If you have 2,000 unread emails at one time, how would you choose which ones to answer?"

Know your values and share them

Do you have any idea about your team values? What are the strategies you follow to keep your employees motivated? If you don't have any idea about the team values, you should explicitly define them before you make your next hire. Without specifying the values to your employees, you can't judge whether they can work to those values or not. In short, it would be difficult for the candidates to speak on how your business values resonate with them or whether they can get behind them.

On the day of the interview, be upfront with them about your company values and the goals. Well, you can also let the team leader evaluate the candidate for his team. After all, he has to train the employee to work according to the values and goals of the business. That way the team leader of customer service can gauge whether the applicant shares the values that you want to cultivate in your team or not.

Assess soft skills

And last but not least, tip to follow while recruiting the best customer service employee for your startup is to access their soft skills. It has been estimated that approximately 70% of the customers say that friendly customer service representatives can easily make them love their brand. So, you should look for those candidates who can build healthy and long-term relationships with your loyal users. While recruiting the employees, you need to look for these skills in the employees- 

Empathy. Recruited customer service employees should have to know how to treat the customers. They are not supposed to be treated like ticket numbers. In fact, he should know how to deeply understand customers' frustrations and partner with them to resolve their issues.

Patience. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to resolve the issues of the customers. Due to this, customer service employees have to dig the exact issue and follow up to fix it. Your hires must have the patience to listen closely, ask questions, and persistently try to help.

Perceptiveness. The selected customer service employee should have the ability and curiosity to dive deep into the needs and problems of the customers. That's why, it is said that having empathy isn't enough.

Therefore, it is said that it is difficult to evaluate these skills from the resume; you have to test the candidates with the real support questions to see how well they handle them.

Final Thoughts!

By now, you would have an idea about the tips to hire the best customer service employee for your startups. Since the demand for this job profile is growing in the market, companies now realize that the best customer service employees do much more than answer customer's questions. 

If you want to improve the image of your business, then always ensure that you are hiring a talented customer service employee for the organization. A high-performing customer service employee represents what your company stands for, and makes customers happy in every experience with your brand.

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