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5 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2020

1st May 2020
Digital Strategist
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It has been witnessed that every day new customer service trends seem to emerge. To cope with the latest technology and their trends to support the customers has become quite challenging for businesses. Are you prepared for the new trends in 2020 to support your customers? 

Do your customer service agents possess the up to date skills and knowledge to operate the latest tools and technology? If no, then you really need to start working on your customer service part.

Always remember that 'there is only one boss in the business world, and that is Customers.' The more your customers will be satisfied with your business, the more profit your business will derive. 

Let’s take an example-

We all have heard about the brand Amazon. But have you ever thought about how this brand is attracting so many customers? It is considered as one of the top customer-pleasing businesses out there. What they do extra to retain and attract customers towards their business? Well, the simple answer is, they focus on giving excellent customer service support!

They offer great prices, ease of completing purchases, and super fast shipping options so that they can meet the expectation level of their users. In fact, they have also started the quick accessibility by phones, social media platforms, and their typical offers of reimbursing customers for goods allowing the customers to keep the items.

The main purpose of Amazon is to find solutions to every problem raised by the customers. This is why it makes them an incredibly easy and pleasant entity for customers to work with.

With the technological era, the customer support service has come a long way over the last few years and will continue to evolve. Innovation in marketing channels, and resolving the issues of customers has allowed companies to deliver better support and continually improve the customer experience. So, if you are operating a business, or thinking about starting a new business in 2020, then you need to know some tips to ensure your customers' satisfaction. 

Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond 

Read on for the customer service trends that will rule in 2020.

Social Media Platforms

The first and foremost customer service trend that you will really add to your business bucket list is contacting with the customers through social media platforms. Nowadays, having a social media presence and an online store of your business has been quite essential. In fact, several studies have been done to support this statement. One of those studies is ValueWalk. 

This report has stated that approximately three-fifths of the customers expect the companies to offer support through social media platforms. In contrast, only one-third of the customers prefer it to other channels. Believe it; these numbers will definitely rise. 

So, if you are not prepared yet to launch your business on social media platforms, this is high time. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, business owners can easily increase their support of your customer service. Moreover, be aware of the new solutions that may need custom integrations.

Below are fascinating stats about customer service in various social media platforms that will help you to picture how important this medium is. 

  • When you engage your customers on social media platforms, it can bring 20% to 40% more revenue per customer.
  • The cost for one call center interaction is nearly $6, while for social customer service, interaction costs around $1.
  • By implementing a social customer service program, business owners can increase the score of their annual customer satisfaction by nearly 20%. 
  • Approximately 33% of customers prefer to contact brands through social media rather than the telephone.
  • Companies are improving their customer experience on social media platforms by 30-50% in key measures, including the likelihood to repeat purchase, upsell, and recommend your product to others. 

Bots are taking the league for the support reps

Well, customer support chatbots have already arrived in the technological world to help the business owners. You must have seen these bots popping up on a variety of websites. Have you ever asked yourself, 'why do they always pop up?' 

These chatbots will help the company to connect with the knowledge base and then answer basic questions of customers about your offerings. Since Artificial Intelligence is evolving in every sector, these bots have become more adept at solving customer issues. 

So, you can use these chatbots to develop the ability to learn various information about the customers. But for this, you need to tap into the endless amount of data stored about the customer's past support issues, behaviors, and demographic information.

As a matter of fact, this information is generally stored in the customer relationship management (CRM) solution. So, chatbots can easily integrate with the CRM system of the business. If you are using a one single CRM system to store all the data from sales, marketing channels, revenue to help-desk capabilities, you can still use this system with the chatbots. Bots' ability to intelligently solve customer support issues will continue to evolve. Some people think that if they use chatbots, they don't need to use their support reps. This is not the case! 

These bots will not replace the support reps. Instead, it will help enhance companies' ability to deliver better customer support. Because the bots would answer all the basic answers, so you will have enough free time to handle complex support questions. In short, you can devote more attention to resolving those cases most thoroughly and helpfully possible.

The'M' Factor

The next trend to support customer service in 2020 is adding the use of mobile phones as much as you can. So, here we are indicating M for 'Mobile Gadgets.' It has been noticed that the usage of smartphones has increased over a while. According to Outerboxdesign, nearly 80% of shoppers use their smartphones to check reviews about brands and their products/services. 

The mobile phones have not only become the new digital hub, but it has also started their role as a bridge to the physical world. This is why mobile phones are driving more attention to customer service than digital operations. In short, it is transforming your entire business.

Here are some interesting statistics to support the trend of incorporating the usage of smartphones to increase customer services. 

  • It has been noticed that around 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices.
  • In this modern era, web adoption has decreased by eight times than mobile web adoption.
  • 58% of all US consumers already own a smartphone.
  • If you are missing the mobile-optimized website, it is like your business is closed one day a week! 

Therefore, you can examine yourself providing customer service through mobile is very much in the interest of any company aspiring to keep up.

Machine learning can improve the whole customer experience

If you really want to improve the whole customer experience of your business, try using machine learning techniques. These data analysis techniques will help to automate the analytical model building. Typically, this technique will use some algorithms that iteratively discover from data. With the help of machine learning, computers will discover things without being programmed where to look. 

Since the models are exposed to the new data, the iterative aspect of machine learning is important to adapt independently to new things. They learn from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results. 

Some benefits of using machine learning are:

  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Intelligent customer service chatbot
  • Improved business decision making
  • Improved product search
  • Dramatically improved on-site merchandising
  • Market-adjusted pricing

Support quality will have a more significant impact on revenue growth

There is no denying the fact that customers expect higher-quality support from the brands. So, if you are not meeting the expectation level of your customers, it will result in higher levels of customer churn. In fact, it has been predicted that after some time, the customer experience is going to overtake the price and products of your business as the main driver behind consumers' purchasing decisions. It has become a requirement for organizations to maintain a reputation as a company that delivers world-class customer support. 

Contrarily, it will become very challenging for the business owners to acquire new customers as well as retaining old ones. If your customer support services don't fit well, then customer loyalty and satisfaction will decline, and your brand reputation will suffer.

And this is true that without a positive brand reputation and loyal customers, you can't run your business. Let alone increasing the revenue of your business. The more satisfied your customers will be, the more opportunities you will get to experience business and revenue growth. 

To maintain the happiness, loyalty, and satisfaction of the customers, you need to have a powerful, effective, and efficient support presence.


By now, you would definitely get an idea about the latest trends of customer service support that you need to incorporate to stay in the competitive business world. The future of the business is increasingly revolving around the needs and expectations of the customers. Delivering a great customer experience is the best offer you can give to your customers. Follow these trends to drive the shifting landscape of customer support in order to deliver a great customer experience. In this way, you can also grow your business and remain competitive in your industry. Remember that it's all about the customer and meeting their needs and expectations. ''Customer is the king!''

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