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5 ways chatbots improve customer service

27th May 2020
Digital Strategist
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Chatbots are revolutionizing the interaction between the customers and representatives in a great manner. Though it has been said that patience is the virtue, not all of us are blessed with this power. Just imagine waiting for several hours on a seemingly unending queue just to talk to the customer care representatives to resolve your issues. 

As a business owner, you must have experienced the loss of your loyal customers and the excellent customer care representatives. In order to resolve this problem, business owners are looking for quick solutions to speed up the process. As soon as the patience of the customer's waves, they start looking for other brands whose services and products can give him the satisfaction factor. 

90% of the customers expect their queries to be answered within an hour. However, it becomes humanly impossible to give quick answers to all the customers. Businesses normally receive hundreds of questions at the same time. To answer everyone, it's just like an impossible task. Everyone has started looking for a medium that could grant instant gratification like chatbots. Here comes the role of chatbots!

Several giant companies like Google and Facebook have started using chatbots to solve this particular problem and stay connected with their customers. You must be aware of the Facebook acquisition of Ozlo, an AI startup. 

This deed of Facebook has redefined business trends automatically. After this transaction, it was seen that Facebook had achieved a fast-paced interference where users are enjoying speedy and smoother interactions with the brands on the platforms. In fact, Google has started to follow suit by recruiting a chatbot startup in San Francisco to become part of the growing community of AI adopters.

It has been predicted that Google's and Facebook's acquisition will influence more businesses to adopt customer service AI chatbots in the future. Now, we all are aware of the fact of how chatbots are revolutionizing the trends of business activities. 

Why Do Businesses Need Chatbots?

In general, chatbots are designed to SIFT (scale-invariant feature transform) all the chunk data to give instant answers to the raised questions. That's why chatbots are really helpful for businesses that receive similar and simple types of tasks and questions from their users. It also offers the business owner the benefit of staying online and resolving issues around the clock. Hence increase the productivity and efficiency of the business activities. 

In the customer interaction platform, chatbots eliminate redundancy without pleading for a raise. Let's suppose; your business has invested a huge capital on customer service. To save further investment,  you can acquire AI chatbots or customer service chatbots. In this way, you can easily reduce the operational costs, encourage the seamless interaction with customers, as well as improve the sales funnel. Aside from all these, chatbots can also help to improve customer service and response rates. It will also automate online purchases and offer better communication.

Five ways chatbots improve customer service

Well, the big picture of using chatbots for your businesses is that it can help you to minimize the issues related to customer service effectively. If you're wondering how AI chatbots can be incorporate in a business effectively, keep on reading it. Below shared are the five ways in which chatbots improves the customer service of the business entity- 

The right agent gets the right message

The first and foremost way chatbots improve the customer service of your business is by automating the process of contacting customers. Though all the automated chat systems let the human agents come into the conversations and provide solutions when needed, chatbots are capable of more than this. AI chatbots can understand the conversational context, so it approaches the right agent of the department to reply to the relevant messages. 

For example, if you are operating your hotel's activities and have incorporated chatbots in your customer service department, you don't need to worry more. All the booking related queries can be resolved because the chatbot transfers them to the reservation's team. As an inherently efficient method, customers are both satisfied and willing to return for more business.

24/7 customer service

Does your business offer 24*7 customer service? This has been the current trend of operating the business and retaining existing customers towards your business. If your business is still using the traditional messaging platforms, it's probably high time to embrace the chatbots. Now, companies can't fully rely on traditional messaging platforms such as live chats, emails, or even simple phone calls. Nowadays, customers really want immediate responses from their preferred brands. 

This is why the traditional tools to stay in touch with the customers are losing their value. No one wants to wait for several hours before they get a response from the brands. Whether its holiday or the off-business hours, businesses are required to respond back to avoid the piling of the questions in large numbers. In this way, your customer representatives can also enjoy some rest while working. Because your live chat support staff also require sleep. 

Therefore, chatbots can do wonders for your customer service representatives department. This can also create a difference between your brand and the competitor- Lack of AI chatbots. Often, the needs of the customers arise outside of the business hours, so to eliminate the chance of losing customers, you can choose to install the chatbot systems. 

So, when customer service staff members are unavailable, they can be used to answer the customer's raised queries. Chatbots offer customers the opportunity to answer their questions at any time. In this way, customers don't have to wait for a response from a voicemail or email message. The best chatbots can also offer the customer the feeling of conversing with a live operator.

Getting rid of language barriers

The next benefit of using chatbots for your organization is to get rid of all the language barriers that the customer service representatives have been facing for a while. One of the most significant issues in customer interaction is friction in communication. In some cases, customers can't understand the language of the employees, how they can present their problems to them. 

And eventually, expect it to get resolved within a fraction of time. Practically, this is impossible. You can implement the chatbots in the communication systems instead of risking the potential customer's loss. By virtue, chatbots run on the NLP standards. It means that it works on the natural language processing standards that enable them to understand different languages and tones with ease. 

While conversing with the client in different tones and languages, customer service chatbot stores the various sentences and words to the raised problems to develop and improve the existing knowledge base. Therefore, chatbots work into the vast knowledge stream by delivering selflessly and accurately customer service. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning power, chatbots are capable of approximate answers to queries for which they have not received training.

Better customer communication

Looking for ways to have better communication with your customers? The next benefit of using the chatbots in your organization is to offer better customer service by improving communication level. Several businesses are experiencing the difficulty of offering spotless customer care services; however, they failed to do that. With the help of the automated customer service chatbots, you can easily reduce this issue. 

This system also helps you to get data about your customer while having a word with them. The data includes the preferences, location, choices, and style to give the perfect answer to the raised query. These data can also be used to provide detailed insights and reports to design your customer service. 

After all, customer service chatbots are generally designed to reduce the time of talking and offer faster solutions. In fact, the businesses have been improving their customer engagement with these methods, why you want to be left out. Try out these automated customer service chatbots and increase the grade of your customer service.

Personify your brand

And last but not least, chatbots can also help you to personify your brands. It gives the flexibility to your business to engage with customers on many different levels. The automated customer service chatbots can be used as a primary resource for technical supports, sales information, and even account management. 

In fact, these chatbots can be designed with various conversational styles and languages from precise and functional to friendly. Moreover, the chatbots can also be used from being helpful to snarky and humorous. These benefits of the automated customer service chatbots keep the customers coming back and re-engaging with the brand.


Well, it would not be wrong to say that chatbots are more than the "wave of the future" in customer service. If you really want to boost your customer service department, you should also consider implementing the automated customer service chatbots. These chatbots give way to the vendors to offer more opportunities to engage with the customers in new ways. More importantly, to fulfill their goals more efficiently. It has been said that ''when a chatbot is "good at what it does," then the customer walks away with a better experience for having used it. 

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