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Top 6 ways to boost digital customer service

30th Mar 2020
Digital Strategist
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With the rise in technology and global exposure, everything has become online. By sitting at your coach, you can order groceries, clothes, phones, or any day-to-day things online just by one click. In short, it has become a necessity of the business owners to make a web presence of their business in the marketplace. The more your business will give the comfort zone of the targeted users, the more you will be able to retain them. 

Due to this, several companies have been working hard to excel in customer service, community ties, and even for a personal touch. Yet, this is a challenging task for companies to invest in digital channels. Moreover, enabling them to have one-to-one communication via messaging, live chat, and also 24/7 communication via social media. As a matter of fact, digital customer service involves digital channels like text messages, websites, emails, social media networks, online chats, and also to address the customer needs (query resolution, feedback, complaints).

But because of the high demand for the availability of digital customer service, it becomes even more difficult for business owners to cope with technology. Do you own a business in this digital era? Curious to attract and retain your targeted customers as much as you can? Looking for ways to enhance your digital customer service? 

Let's deep dive into the article to get tips for boosting digital customer service. 

Concentrate on your connections

The first and foremost tip to boost the digital customer service for your business is to concentrate on your networks so that you can connect with them freely. The beauty and grace of always be- online, or always-connected culture is that it's not about "real-time", but it's about "my time". All the customers want to get heard and responded to through a trusted and open connection, whether the response comes after five or thirty-five minutes later. 

However, small business owners fight through several demands and issues. So, approximately half of entrepreneurs can devote only less than 10 percent of their time to customer service due to other responsibilities. So, if you are the one who has just set up the business in the competitive digital world, then you should always focus on how to stay connected with the users. Think about expanding your customer service through new channels, including social media. But make sure that you are doing everything in the right way and the right direction!

With the megaphone of social media networks, you can have a positive as well as a negative impact on a broad set of customers in a short period of time. Therefore, think carefully about what you're posting. Well, you can also build new connections with digital engagement channels such as messaging or live chat for one-to-one communications.

Always remember your best asset — your lovable, and familiar brand

While boosting your digital customer service, it is essential to keep your best asset, like a warm smile, and polite communication with people. Whether you deliver a cute and charming smile, in-person across the counter, text, or during an exchange through a website, it is appreciated by everyone. Small and medium-sized businesses do more friendly things than anyone in order to attract and retain their customers. 

If you want to sustain your business and boost your digital customer service, it is better to stay calm, talk politely with every customer and get their feedback. It has been said that employee happiness and the company's value shape customer service. 

So, employees who champion a strong, passionate purpose are more likely to deliver on meaningful customer engagements that leave a lasting impression. In fact, they are more likely to get good feedback from their customers and ways to engage them online without any errors.

Start using Social Media Platforms

Well, it has been observed that in the upcoming years, social media will definitely experience new investment and growth in all-new communication channels. Businesses will put all their bets in the social media networks for all the means to grow their business as much as they can. 

Nowadays, businesses are going to where their targeted customers are and convincing users through social media networks about their products, ideas, and how they can reach their business. In recent surveys, it has been forecasted that Twitter has become the "best customer service platform" for small businesses. 

So, if you really want to boost your digital customer service, then start building a multi-platform social strategy. You can start from any station, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. But the social media platform should make sense for your business. Start with one channel, and build your brand's voice and presence, and drive engagement with your customers that way.

Simplify and Interact

The next tip to boost online customer service for your business is to make sure that you are making the way easier for your targeted users to reach your business. In fact, the process should be simple and convenient enough that involves few mouse clicks or screen touches with an intuitive and clean design. 

Also, ask your designers to make user interfaces easy to navigate, and make sure that the critical information is not obscured in pages. You should also provide your users with a wide variety of services and choice of support channels so they can reach out to you. So, in short, develop an interactive and creative environment for your business, where customers can connect to you in real-time.

Listen to what your customers say — and how they say it.

As a matter of fact, customer service is all about making connections with your targeted audience. To enhance your digital customer service, you have to ensure that your business is taking care of every need and requirement of the users. Therefore, being a small business owner, you need to know how you can listen to your customers and how you can stay connected with their lives. 

In fact, you also need to understand the way to see how their customers are reaching out. Nowadays, web-searches have converted to mobile-searches. Due to this, many consumers have gone to mobile or social media platforms or even app-centric communication. However, despite these innovations, approximately, 8 in 10 small businesses don't have mobile solutions or apps, a recent poll by Endurance International Group indicates. If your customers are there, you need to be there, too.

Make customer interactions meaningful, emotional, and personal.

If you are gaining customers through digital platforms, you have to ensure that your responses to their queries are quite meaningful and straightforward. It can be canned, or irreverent. Due to the digitalization, nowadays, customers have a pretty much good idea about when they have given an off-point response to their questions, and how long they have been put into a queue. Because the best customer service companies never do this. They don't treat their customers as a one-time sale. 

Instead, they look at their customers as potential lifetime users who will perhaps introduce their company to friends and family, too. In this connected business world and society, relatives, and friends can do wonders for your business. They can even make or break your customer service chain. That's why, it has been said that putting special effort into connecting with customers goes a long way. If you put the customer first, you will always come out ahead.


If you are hunting for the top six ways to boost your customer service digitally, then I believe that you must have got a pretty much good idea about it. Customers are the heart of any business. If they beat properly, then you can only operate your business without any failure. 

So, after setting up the business, make sure that you are attracting and retaining customers towards your business. Companies that recognize the contact center role in providing digital customer service can only improve the customer experience, reduce the cost of contact, and increase revenue per customer. 

So, the more you stay connected with your customers, the more fruitful your business will be. For more information about setting up the business, and operating it in the digital world, feel free to contact Startupr. We will be glad to help you and your business to scale up in the marketplace. We’re proud to have assisted so many clients from all over the world. Over the past decade we’ve helped them create successful start-ups and off-shore firms. Good luck and stay safe!

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