Infographic: What is inbound marketing?

4th Jul 2019

Outbound marketing was once the primary means of marketing done by various businesses accomplished by casting a wide net through broadcasting services to whoever may listen. Now, with the advent of the internet, companies still employ outbound marketing to get sales, but another method is available that fully exploits the internet.

Inbound marketing was once only possible through the yellow pages, but now different businesses can use the internet for it by establishing a website. The premise of inbound marketing is that there is no need to broadcast one’s services since there are customers actively looking for the services they need.

A business employing inbound marketing eventually needs to land on the first pages of the search results to achieve success. However, many companies have already established themselves on the first pages, and it is a challenge to get on top and get sales.

For a company to get to the top, there are two methods it can use, which are SEO or Search Engine Optimization and PPC or the Pay-Per-Click. The two serve one purpose but execute them differently. To know more about inbound marketing, visit Landau Consulting's infographic.


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