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How to Evaluate Customer Experience and Loyalty

12th Sep 2017
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Businesses thrive on how well valuable information about their customers can be used to improve customer experience. Customer experience is an important index that should be regularly evaluated by every business. It is unfortunate to note that many businesses have not developed effective systems to analyze customer behavioral aspects like loyalty and customer experience. 

 Do you have an accurate representation of the Customer Experience (CX) for your business? This information will reveal if your business is adequately meeting the needs of your customers or not. With a good knowledge of the CX for your business, you will be able to steer the direction of your marketing and product development team towards adopting measures to improve CX generally. Measuring CX and customer loyalty is the best way to keep your business on the path of growth and success.

 Have you studied any CX programs? What is your opinion about it? Analyzing CX means you are attempting to interpret an intangible aspect of the business. Your focus should be directed at developing an accurate representation of business development areas like customer loyalty, customer experience, and customer satisfaction on a chart or an excel sheet. With this clear representation, you will see the areas of your business that need to be improved if business growth is to be sustained.

 The mistake many companies make is directing their marketing and product development focus on aspects like sales growth or product prices, these come secondary when compared to the impact customer experience and loyalty have on business success. The features that make CX and customer loyalty stand out include the complexities involved in relating these areas to daily business processes, they are quite generalized in business terms and they have a huge impact on business growth. What successful companies like Global Furniture do is to adopt a system that connects the CX and customer loyalty with the daily operations of your business. 

 How do you know you are using the right metrics in measuring CX? It will be obvious that you are doing it right if the information you gather is useful in reviewing your business operations to meet the needs of your customers. Basically, your CX metric should have the following features:

1. It shows the level of CX that agrees with the goals you have set for your organization.

2. It gives a strong indication that your customers will return as repeat buyers.

 There are many CX measurement tools designed to accommodate the two features stated above. The influence of CX in determining how your customer feels when they use your products or services is what makes it so important. However, there is also the possibility that the use of information derived from measuring CX might not ensure that your customers remain loyal to your brand even if they expressed a high level of customer satisfaction.

 You should consider these five tips when evaluating the various CX metrics that could be used for your business. These tips will help you make a better choice.

1. Choose a CX metrics that are applicable to the entire organization. Evaluating customer experience should also include analyzing the processes in every department within your organization and how they contribute to improving CX. This includes your legal department, financial department, logistics, and delivery etc. this exercise is crucial to the success of your CX program.

2. Choose a system that will give you accurate feedback in real time. This system will generate valuable information that will keep your teams focus in the right direction.

3. You must treat every report as important. The information in these reports should be the primary topics of discussion during your official meetings. You can also make your team realize the importance of this exercise by rewarding success and brainstorming challenges that are currently being faced.

4. Get all the stakeholders involved. The importance of this exercise will be more apparent when the top executives are seen joining your official meetings. This will improve the quality of brainstorming sessions focused on developing solutions to the problems being faced by your team.

5. Always be open to reviewing your earlier decisions. The information from your CX metrics will definitely change over time. Your goal is to ensure that the changes are positive. However, never relent on making the right modifications necessary to meet the ever changing needs of your customers. 

 The truth is this strategy will only be successful when your company can effectively measure CX accurately. One common feature of companies that have failed is that they refused to act even when the figures were dwindling. They relied on the old methods that had become obsolete in the era of rapidly changing trends. 

You can ensure the long term success of your company by choosing the most effective CX tool suitable for your type of business. 

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