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Marketing Without Social Media: How to Do It

6th Aug 2016
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When it comes to developing a marketing strategy, social media is often at the top of the list of things to include. There are many advantages to using social media when it comes to marketing. It can reach a lot of people in a relatively short amount of time. It can be done for a relatively low amount of money. It is a great way to target specific markets. All of these things and other reasons are why social media marketing can play a large role in any marketing plan.

While social media is a good marketing strategy, it is not the only marketing strategy that can be used. The problem that many businesses have is finding an alternative to social media marketing. They may think that there is no other way to successfully market their business, but they are not right. There are other methods that can be used. Some of them use the same tactics that can be found in social media marketing. They also offer many of the same benefits. That is why it is a good idea for companies to learn other methods of marketing besides social media.

The Alternative

The list of alternatives to social media marketing are numerous. As a business starts to consider what they can do besides social media marketing, they need to think about the overall marketing strategy for their business. They need to think about who they are trying to market their business to. These are some of the alternatives to social media marketing.

Agents for the Business – One of the most effective marketing tools is to give customers of the business a stake in the success of the company. Creating loyalty programs is a way to do this. A refer a friend program is another example. Customers can get rewards for bringing in new business. They can be used to spread the work of the business. They do not have to do this through social media outlets. They can do it in their everyday life by wearing the business's brand or by telling people about a business in some way. By offering rewards it provides an incentive for these agents to market the business. The best thing about this is a single agent can end up bringing in many more agents creating an even larger marketing force for the business.

Talk to Everyone – The best marketing a business can do often comes from the business themselves. A business should be proud of what they do and what they offer. They should not be afraid to speak out about it. Conference speakers have for a long time been able to send a message to their audiences. They use words that motivate people to believe in what they are saying. The same tactics that the speakers at conferences can use will also work when it comes to marketing a business. Reaching out in the community to different organizations can help create oosing how to speak to them if the business wants a successful marketing strategy that does not rely on social media

Get Involved at Trade Shows – Trade shows used to be a staple for marketing of products long before social media became so relevant. Pitchmen, or women, standing up at a podium and drawing a crowd is an effective way to market a product and to build brand awareness. The downside of this type of strategy can be the cost. The amount of time it takes to plan for a trade show, travel to a trade show and participate in a trade show can be significant. The good news is that it can also be a very powerful marketing tool. It is very important that a business makes sure that any trade show they are participating in reaches the audience they want to target.

Get Bloggers to Help – There are many bloggers that are writing about a wide variety of topics on the internet. These bloggers represent a marketing opportunity for a business. A business can turn to the bloggers to get them to write about their business. They can have a blogger talk about what they offer and about the business brand. Bloggers usually have specific audiences and if the audience of the blogger meets the target audience of the business it is a marketing match that can be very successful.

Provide Content to Websites – The most important thing for any website is content. Websites need content to build audiences. With so many websites trying to attract visitors, the need for content is growing. A business can use the demand for content by providing it to the different websites. There are many software programs that can spin a single blog into many different unique blogs. These can be distributed to many different websites and can provide a business with plenty of opportunities to raise awareness of their brand.

Marketing is a very difficult thing for any business to master. Many businesses waste a lot of money on failed marketing strategies. Other businesses manage to hit the jackpot and create such a buzz about their business that it grows to unimaginable heights. While there is no denying the impact that social media can have and that it is a very viable marketing strategy, the business that rely completely on social media are not always going to see the success they want. In fact, there are many businesses that will find that social media may not be the best avenue for them to put the most resources into. Learning different methods of marketing and coming up with the right strategy to utilize them is the key to having overall marketing success.

What is the best way to market a business? What strategy is the most effective? Please feel free to share what you think about the different marketing strategies and how they should be used. Take the time to share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions with us.

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