Mobile survey: an opportunity overlooked?

16th Dec 2016

Brands spend money to build apps and acquiring consumers and develop relationships.  And most brands will seek to understand customer satisfaction some point. However, the fact that mobile offers a good opportunity for consumer feedback beyond the app is often overlooked. For businesses, the push notification survey is the perfect platform to collect data, analyse it, and react to the consumer’s feedback in real-time.

Here are a few tips on how to deliver a successful mobile survey campaign:

  1. Mobile native experience

In mobile, it’s not just about asking the right question but also about the format and the context. The experience needs to be simple, quick and visual to mirror how the consumers utilise their phone on a daily basis. It needs to capitalise on the moment and be effortless, as we are less incline to complete a 10-minute survey these days.

For example:

  • Ask a question: How was your experience in-store today?
  • Use visual(s): Have you tried this product before?
  • Or simply go for multiple-choice question(s): What does matter to you the most: a) product, b) experience, c) price…Mobile Survey Push Notifications
  1. Triggered, timely and personal

You also need to make sure your survey question is targeted to what you want to know from your consumers. With mobile you can pin point your audience or create a panel based on very specific criteria including active and passive data. So for example you could target a user in real-time based on his location giving a brand the opportunity to gather feedback on in-store or event experience.

And these messages can also be triggered based on specific scenarios so you don’t have to cover all aspects of your business in one questionnaire, but can drip feed questions or tailor them based on the answers. For example

The beauty of it all, is that it gives the business the opportunity to address the customer’s feedback at a very short notice e.g. calling an unsatisfied customer if necessary, giving them an offer for his next purchase.

Because of all the above factors, and the fact that push messages are often read immediately, the engagement rate with mobile surveys are very high (over 20% depending on industry).  And as mobile is a relatively low cost channel, it delivers great ROI. Does that mean mobile survey could revolutionise the market research industry?

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