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5 Things That Will Help Your Brand Get Remembered After an Event

11th Jan 2016
President Pro Motion
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Think back to the last time you went to a football game. Remember how there were 17 logos plastered all over the scoreboard, and every time there was a stoppage in play, some sort of branded element was broadcast on the Jumbotron?  

Can you name any of the brands you saw? Probably not. But you probably do remember when a guy wearing a Dr Pepper jersey went onto the field during halftime, kicked a field goal, and was handed an oversized check for $5,000 — and you probably talked about it, too!

This illustrates the power of event marketing — the act of crafting an exciting, hands-on experience surrounding your brand. According to the Event Marketing Institute, 95 percent of event attendees feel more inspired to make a purchase afterward, and 75 percent of brands enjoy a better than 2-to-1 ROI in their event marketing endeavors.

But an investment in event marketing will only provide great returns if attendees walk away remembering your brand’s name. If they don’t, your efforts have been a complete waste of time and money.

Cutting Through the Clutter

Modern consumers are being bombarded with advertising messages from every angle. It’s like a big game of dodgeball where brands are constantly on the offensive, hurling campaigns at audiences who are doing all they can to block or ignore them.

A great event cuts through all of the clutter and takes a different approach: Rather than force a brand into consumers’ lives, it integrates it through hands-on demonstrations and activities.

The smartest brands can achieve this naturally, without the customer ever realizing it’s happening. There was no soft drink involved when Dr Pepper carved itself into the brains of all 80,000 people attending that football game. There was no overt “you need Dr Pepper in your life” messaging. It was simply a fun event that had a gigantic crowd of people cheering on an average Joe, celebrating with him when he won a little dough.

Connection achieved.

Building the Right Experience

Whether your event is at a stadium, trade show, or on a crowded street corner, here are five tips to help you ensure attendees remember your name afterward:

  1. Hit them in the feels. Evoking emotions is a must. In fact, research shows that persuasive ad content isn’t enough to attract consumers; it’s the emotions an audience feels afterward that truly drive their buying decisions.

    Regardless of whether someone was rooting for or against Dr Pepper’s field-goal kicker, the bottom line is that attendees felt an emotional investment — be it happiness, excitement, or jealousy.

  2. Provide a premium. Whether it’s free samples or souvenirs, offering some sort of keepsake — especially if it has your logo on it — is a great way to have attendees remember your name after an event. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 84 percent of consumers say they remember a brand based upon the swag they receive, and 42 percent favor a company more if it gives away free stuff.

  3. Stand in the spotlight. If you’re not seen, you can’t be remembered. Wherever your event is, make sure your branding is prominently displayed in an area that gets lots of foot and eye traffic.

If you can’t have your event on the field during halftime, set it up in a crowded area — like a busy turnstile or concession stand. If you’re one of many brands vying for attention in a convention center, use sights, smells, and sounds to stand out. When it comes to event marketing, there are no perks of being a wallflower.

  1. Act the part. It’s crucial to assemble a team of likable, authentic brand ambassadors to run your event and get the audience involved. These individuals should be upbeat and, most of all, knowledgeable. They should look the part and act the part.

If you’re a tech company, ambassadors should be able to clearly explain the specs of your product, and they should be well-informed of current happenings in the industry. If you’re a fitness company, it only makes sense for your representatives to be fit, healthy, and energetic.

  1. Have an ongoing conversation. If possible, start the conversation before your event, and definitely continue it afterward. Build anticipation through flyers, radio commercials, and social media blasts, and then be sure to gather contact information from new, potential customers at the event so you can follow up with them down the road.

In the end, event success is fairly straightforward: be seen, build emotion, provide keepsakes, collect new leads, and, obviously, have fun.

Get out there, and get your brand noticed. Not only will a creative event help generate business, but you might also enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

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