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Telemarketing Bucks The Recession - New Survey

22nd Feb 2011
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New research evaluated by the Marketscan team suggests that B2B telemarketing is alive and well, with budgets forecast to grow in 2011.

According to a recent online survey carried out by B2B Marketing and the Telemarketing Company, telemarketing remains a vital element of the B2B marketing mix, with around 70% of the 200 respondents who took part saying that telemarketing is either 'critical' or 'very important' to their business.

45% of respondents said they had increased their telemarketing activities during the past year, while fewer than 10% of respondents said they had seen a decrease. 43% reported no change in activity.  

47% of respondents expect their investment in telemarketing to remain the same for 2011, while 40% say it will increase. Just 4% predict a decrease.

A majority of respondents (76%) cited 'generating new leads' as their main reason for telemarketing, closely followed by 'booking sales appointments' (72%). 'Lead qualification' came in third place, with 67%. 

When asked how they measure the success of their telemarketing campaigns, the 'number of appointments set' came out as the most commonly used metric (40%), with 'number of sales made' and 'number of DMCs’ (decision maker contacts ) coming an equal second, each with 25% of respondents.

All of this suggests a very healthy future for telemarketing within the B2B marketing mix.  The emphasis is definitely on the all-important area of demand generation, and judging from the detail of respondents’ answers there is clearly an emphasis on measurement. When it comes down to quantifying ROI, however, we see a different picture.  According to the survey, just 36% of businesses said they are always to be able to accurately measure ROI on their telemarketing activities, with 51% saying they can only 'sometimes'.  

If there is just one lesson to be learned from this exercise, it has to be that there remains significant scope for drilling down into the metrics and tracking the ‘lifetime’ value of telemarketing leads - from initial contact and ongoing action through to conversion, or recycling. Without this vital metric in place, it is impossible to measure the ultimate value of a campaign.


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