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Just sit and wait while thinking about…

3rd Feb 2021
CX Evangelist
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…#PeopleExperience. We talk much about #Customer Experience and #EmployeeExperience as well as about #Trust and there are many detailed topics behind… But what is the core?

#PeopleExperience is about emotions and feelings. Childs have a very clear view on things while adults have learned to live with or accept things. While adults think “that’s normal” (they often don’t realize it because it’s normal), children are asking “why?”

These days we are looking more and more on each other. The question “how are you doing?” isn’t a phrase any longer.

Now we have a conflict. While we are more carefully with each other and values become more and more important there was a trend the last years to use more and more technology to act… doesn’t matter if it was within marketing, customer service, HR or other areas. Artificial intelligence, #AI, was in everyone’s mind and within every conference.

Have we unlearned to see each other with this trend? Do we need to look again more with child’s eyes?

Trust is based on empathy, logic and authenticity. Often, we see first of all our self and don’t try to understand the other. I don’t want to give examples here and bash marketing, customer service, HR or others. Every one of us knows these examples.
Listen to answer is common while listen to understand is unlearned a bit.

Back to the conflict of systems and #AI… How do we solve this?

If we talk about customer experience, we immediately start thinking about the customer journey and other things. – STOP – This leads us how to build the journey, make them visible and how to manage them. The result is, that we need un-human systems to manage human relationships, emotions and experiences. – STOP – Can this be the reality of our future?

For sure we need the systems and they offer great possibilities, but they lead us to lose the small things between the line which makes the human factor and the emotions on the other side.

Systems should support user / customer needs. It get’s crazy if people act in the way the systems algorithm wants to have it.

What we need is to build an experience circle which is focusing on the human aspect. Tools are there to support this circle. They should never be an own circle beside this one or (more worse) the only one.

experience circle

Human experiences are driven by emotions and are based on sensing, feeling, perceiving and other things.

The Experience Circle show the areas we are playing and where we act. Not every person is rational driven, that’s why data are great but can’t be the solution in every case. A typical system thinks in yes and no (1 or 0). Intelligent systems are based on very detail rules based on this principle. AI system on the other side are self-learning systems with an amazing potential… But can they ever deal with things like sensing, feeling, perceiving or similar things? To be honest, we don’t know. What we know is, that they can’t really do it today.

Switching back to the roots and use all these great possibilities we have today as an add-on can solve this conflict.

Here’s a small thing how to solve this conflict… “Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position” 1)
Let’s assume we ordered something which is out of stock. Now it is important to keep the conversation going on and send regular updates of the status and the estimated delivery date. With this the customer knows that we haven’t forgotten him. Very simple. This shows technology can be part of empathy, but not more than a part.




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