Debunking common CRM myths

13th Aug 2019

The prospect of moving to a new CRM platform can be intimidating. Salespeople will often have their own method for tracking their sales process that has proven to garner results for them in the past. That being said, modern CRM platforms offer the ability to further simplify the sales process and make it easily repeatable. Despite this, sales professionals can sometimes be reluctant to adopt these solutions due to a number of common myths. For those looking to reignite their sales process or just look into what CRM solutions have to offer, here are some common myths debunked.

"I don’t need a CRM"

A recent Pipedrive survey of first-time CRM Users revealed that 11 per cent of sales professionals don’t use any sales system at all. This could be attributed to the assumption that some salespeople feel CRM tools appear to be “too techy” or overly complicated. However, next-gen CRM solutions are designed to support the existing processes, rather than complicate these tasks. As such, when incorporating CRM tools into your workflow, it’s important to choose one that is intuitive and complementary to your activities.

"I like to keep things simple and offline"

The same study also revealed that 16 per cent of salespeople were still relying on pen and paper to track their pipeline before moving to a CRM. Handwritten notes remain a popular choice for some individuals who view it as a more reliable and secure option than other methods. However, with the rollout of GDPR, businesses have an even greater need for the streamlined path to data compliance offered by next-gen CRM solutions.

"I’m not techy, it’s too complicated to use"

Sophistication is not a top priority for many salespeople with a significant proportion relying on spreadsheets as their primary organisational tool. In fact, 55 per cent of first-time CRM users surveyed relied on Excel before moving to another platform. However, the ease of use of a spreadsheet comes at the cost of functionality. The increasingly intuitive design of CRM solutions, by contrast, allows salespeople to automate their repetitive tasks, identify hot leads and, ultimately, close deals faster with the same simplicity as managing a spreadsheet.

"It won’t deliver great enough ROI"

To stay ahead in sales, enterprises must look to optimise processes and make the greatest use of available resources. But knowing where to begin can be challenging, given that most salespeople rarely follow the same process. For many sales professionals, the idea of changing CRM platforms can appear to require a large time investment, in fact, nine per cent of first-time users cited this as a key barrier to adopting a new CRM solution. However, next-generation CRMs have emerged, giving salespeople a solution that requires minimal set-up, while delivering an intuitive experience which can be tailored based on the individual's needs. This means that a small time investment upfront can lead to huge productivity gains, allowing salespeople to reach their full potential.

Not all CRMs are the same

For both first-time users and those switching platforms, not every first CRM experience will be a good one. However, only 7 per cent of salespeople surveyed were deterred from adopting a solution due to a bad experience with a previous platform. While the basic premise of CRMs is consistent across the board - assistance in tracking and converting leads - how this plays out varies greatly between platforms. Each CRM platform offers different services and interfaces that will appeal to different users. Finding the right platform is as important as moving towards CRMs entirely.

There is a trend in the sales industry for salespeople to stick with the time-tested methods they are already familiar with. Having used these methods for so long, there is a reluctance to abandon them in favour of the emerging, new technologies. However, by breaking down these common myths, it becomes clear how much CRMs can offer individual users: streamlining their pipeline, driving efficiencies and freeing up time to focus on closing more deals.


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