Biggest Obstacles Startups Need to Overcome

29th Sep 2016

Even though many people dream about having their own businesses, only a few of them can achieve success in their ventures. From the recent studies, it has been identified that more than 50% of the startups fail within the first 5 years. The obstacles faced by startups hold a prominent place behind these failures. Therefore, it is extremely important for the entrepreneurs to have a clear understanding about the obstacles that they will have to face when starting a new business. Then they will find it as an easy task to deal with these obstacles and achieve success. 


The biggest obstacles that every business startup should overcome in order to achieve success.

Most of the startups fail due to lack of funding. In fact, a lot of money needs to be invested when starting a new business. If the founders are not in a position to afford that amount, they end up failing. In that kind of a situation, the entrepreneurs can think of seeking the assistance of a bank loan. Or else, they can look for potential investors who can spend money on their business. It is not a difficult task for the entrepreneurs to obtain a small business loan. The small business loans that are obtained through SBA are also known as Rollover for Business Start-ups. However, the entrepreneurs will need to use the borrowed amount carefully with a plan to stay away from hassle in the future.

Competition is another obstacle that the startups should overcome in order to succeed in their business ventures. In fact, the entrepreneurs need to compete with well-established brand names that have already created a potential customer base. As per the CEO of Airneeds, the entrepreneurs will have to pitch their products or services so that people will tend to try them out without sticking to traditional service providers.

Offering a better quality service at a lower price tag can be considered as one of the most convenient methods that entrepreneurs can follow in order to attract new customers. It is possible to find lower cost technologies that can assist the startups to minimize their production costs. Then they will be able to sell their products or services to customers at a lower price tag.

Scaling is another challenge that the startups will have to face. The entrepreneurs will find it as an easy task to manage all aspects of their businesses for a couple of weeks. However, they find it as a difficult task to manage the entire business when it develops. As a result, the entrepreneurs end up failing. It is important for all the entrepreneurs to organize themselves from the beginning. Then they will be able to manage all the aspects without much frustration.

On the other hand, they can think of seeking software applications such as phone systems and small business accounting software in order to handle different aspects of the business without much hassle. In other words, the startup owners should know how to scale their businesses along with the time. All these above strategies were successfully adopted by a Steel Towing in Fremont, CA by overcoming the obstacles with ease.


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Rowan Webb
By Rowan Webb
29th May 2017 22:45

Start-ups that are bound to fail are usually those businesses that fail to have a clear and stable plan that stretches out for more than just 5 years. Finances are most often than not the key to developing a business, but other factors should not be omitted as well. The idea is to stay within the means of the company and it is okay to dream but not too big of a dream. By staying within your budget, you will eliminate future needs for a bank loan which could ultimately cause even more trouble if you fail to make repayments promptly. However, with a clear and stable plan, the bank loan will definitely help buily your empire to greater heights.

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