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One effective way to avoid losing your ecommerce

4th Dec 2020
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Do you really know how you are really performing in fulfilling your online products/services so your customers press that BUY button on your ecommerce platform and not the one of your competitors?

Last week, I participated to The Confidence Give Away, 38 experts came together to give some free gifts to solopreneur, small business owners to help them finish 2020 with a bang and start 2021 thriving not just surviving. My gift was access to my 10 modules online training course, Small Biz CX Training, 10 steps to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

It was a pleasant surprised when, during the weekend, lots of people had taken on my offer and were logging into to my Learning and Development platform,, to start the training. To my horrors; one email, two emails, three emails with user errors; someone couldn’t log in, someone could download my template, what is happening? Why is my platform not working properly? Actually when is the last time, I checked how everything was performing on the platform? I guess not since it went live a year ago!!

A year ago, Claire, that is ridiculous?? so much for always wanting to deliver exceptional customer experiences… well, I guess, with this pandemic, I had to move all of my training offline, online and you know what, I never got anyone to mystery shop ME!!

Mystery Shopping is an effective way to get an objective view on what you are doing right now and where you could improve. So for anyone delivering a service online you can have instant feedback, with an E-Mystery Shopping program, on that crucial E-Customer experience which will get your clients to love you or not!

According to a number of sources – including Forbes and Huff Post – 90% of e-commerce start-up businesses end in failure within the first 120 days.  Of those companies who were surveyed, a staggering 37% said that their failure could be attributed to an inability to compete. This is a pretty shocking statistic, isn’t it?

Because there are so many businesses online selling the same items as you, or with a similar business model, it can be very difficult to differentiate yourself. If you want to beat your competition, you need to be the best, yes, just the best at every single touch points on your ecommerce platform, from the Customer Experience, to the Brand consistency, from the Automation experience to the User Experience. The experience you deliver whether it is online or offline will make the difference between you and the competition.

Let a Virtual Mystery Shopper and figure out how well you are performing with your user experience, with your online business interactions, from start to finish, you’ll gain data on what your customers think of your process, what’s working and where can you improve.

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