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Training your bees: a right brain function

11th Mar 2017
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The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one. Young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores by feeding the brood and cleaning and repairing cells. These young bees grow up to become nurse bees, helping to feed the larvae in the hive and caring for the Queen bee. In the hive, bees’ development progressions and movements, are stimulated by the colony’s need, in a business environment, it should be exactly the same.

The left brain controls analytical and logical thoughts. When you treat your employees like movable pieces on a chessboard, you are using your left brain. But when you are dealing with employees that you genuinely care about, you will connect on an emotional level, and that is with your right brain functions. Leaders/managers must understand how to better connect with their internal customers, motivating them, inspiring them to align them with the business values, ultimately sharing a common purpose to achieve the higher vision.

Training cannot be a once-in-a-year thing; let’s get everyone in a room for a few hours and we’ll have that box ticked. Training is a daily practice, but as an organisation you first need to know your offering and the standards you are setting yourself so that you can then train your employees to deliver exceptional service and achieve these goals.

Through training, your employees will feel valued because you are spending time and money on their development and have given them the tools to do their job. There are certain skills that employees need to master when they are facing their customers, regardless of the level of interaction. Some of these skills are basic, such as being polite, friendly, smiling, helpful, but others don’t come as naturally and need a little more practice to help give your employees confidence. Product knowledge is fundamental to the running of a business, if your employees don’t know what they are selling, whether it is the soup of the day or a hoover, how can they sell it?

Training your employees isn’t just a need; it is a necessity.


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