7 tips to personalize customer experience

2nd Nov 2017

As many brands make a move towards automating customer service, one may wonder if they are not losing the human touch in the process. Customers appreciate technologies aimed at saving their time but sometimes when things get ugly; they seek the comfort of connecting with a live agent. Clearly, a personalized approach works wonders, and it can be achieved in a few strategic steps. Below are seven tips for personalizing the customer experience on any channel.

1. Always use names

In a customer service experience, agents should always introduce themselves by name and ask for the customer’s name as well. This provides a professional yet friendly tone which creates room for a meaningful discussion. When brands connect with customers for any purpose at all, addressing them with their names helps create a connection at a personal level and makes them feel valued as people and not just customers.

2.    Make promotional offers targeted at customer preferences

Customers don’t just want to hear about professional offers, and they want to be informed about the products and services meaningful to them. Brands should adopt a targeted marketing approach and reach out to customers with special deals and coming sales based on the customer purchase history and preferences.

3.    Thank them for their business                

A “thank you” is a simple thought but it goes a long way in fostering customer relationship seeing that your customers could have easily taken their business elsewhere but they decided to do business with you. Showing some appreciation wins long-term loyalty. Also, you should thank your clients periodically too, not just after a closed deal while offering some form of discount off a future purchase to show your appreciation.

4.    Get their feedback

One way to create a personalized experience for your customers is by giving them an opportunity to air their opinions. Requesting feedback is critical to understanding how service can be improved, and products can be tailored to meet their unique needs. Sending periodic surveys out is a way to show that your brand cares about its customers’ needs and providing them with a great experience.

5.    Use the customer’s channel for preference

Reaching out to customers on their preferred channels increases the likelihood of meaningful engagement. A customer is more likely to respond to feedback from a preferred or familiar channel, for example Fox News Channel Live. The same is true when sending important information like delivery updates or marketing offers. Your brand may decide to ask customers for the preferred channel or take note of it from customer exchanges.

6.    Give customers options

Providing customers with options is a key step in giving them personalized services especially when they are providing services useful to them. Your brand can expand these choices to cover the smallest but most important choices whether as regards delivery options, asking customers vote on a favorite product, or even the choice to opt out of certain marketing offers when desired.

7.    Keep the conversation going

Storytelling is a critical aspect of most successful brands and customers love brands that have a great story to tell, and they are inspired by brands whose values match theirs. Social media engagement can reveal a great deal about customer values as they respond to brand messages, and savvy brands know that staying engaged with customers is excellent for keeping long-term loyalty.

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By sarajane
10th Nov 2017 03:45

I agree that many customers are inspired by brands that they can relate to. Values is playing such a key role in motivating and inspiring customers to want to build a long-term relationship with any brand. And if you want to keep your customer motivated to want to keep wanting to come back to you, good customer service is essential.

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