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4 ways to improve your customer service

23rd Oct 2019
TLC Associates
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Are your DIY customer service strategies delivering the best possible results? Sample a random group of executives and their responses will run the gamut. Though most understand the big ideas and principles behind best-in-class customer service, the struggle to implement them successfully is real. Despite their best efforts, many companies struggle with poor customer service, which results in a loss of $75 billion each year, according to NewVoiceMedia.


What’s the best course of action? Returning to the drawing board and recalibrating your in-house approach in the hopes of boosting revenue? Or reaching out to an outsourced contact center that has proven experience in improving customer service and elevating the bottom line? As you make your choice, consider these four ways the right outsourced partner can enhance your customer service results.


Improved Response Times

Our on-demand world has reshaped customer expectations – and their overall patience regarding customer service. A large segment of consumers expect social media customer service responses in the first hour. And when a question is about a potential purchase, 82% of consumers expect a response in under ten minutes! This shrinking window to engage your customers and resolve their issues reduces any margin for error – and makes an outsourced partner mandatory.


Working with an outsourced contact center improves response times in a few ways. For starters, an outsourced partner is better adapted to handle spikes in volume. When customer inquiries are higher than initial forecasts, an outsourced center can flex over available agents from other programs to handle the spike. That way, SLAs are kept and customer satisfaction scores increase.


Additionally, the right outsourced contact center will have more internal resources dedicated to maintaining ongoing customer service improvement strategies. Workforce management teams can forecast contact volumes and allocate internal resources to reduce response times. Plus, companies working with TLC Associates specifically get the benefit of our Quality Analysts and Quality Assurance Manager. Our QA team dedicates their time and effort to pioneering best practices that help to satisfactorily resolve issues in record time. The combined efforts of this strategic leadership far surpass what most organizations are able to do in-house.


What are the potential results? Our of our major retail clients is a prime example of what to expect with the right partner. Their customers were dissatisfied with the sluggishness of their response times across channels. By choosing to work with TLC Associates, they hoped to revamp their end-to-end customer care solutions to better manage seasonal peaks, 24/7 availability, and overall response times. And outsourcing with our team delivered the results they desired. Average email turnaround times went from 32 hours to three or four hours while Chat responses improved from ten minutes to 30 seconds. Moreover, we were able to increase their overall customer satisfaction.


Want the full story? Download our case study!


Greater Omnichannel Experiences

The steady expansion of social media platforms, live chat, and other emerging customer channels have raised the bar of difficulty for customer service. Consumers expect consistency across every touch point, a standard of excellence that requires a mastery of total omnichannel customer service. Yet when customer service isn’t your primary business focus, it’s difficult to justify all the time and effort necessary to cultivate expert-level knowledge in house.


The success of an outsourced contact center, on the other hand, hinges on staying current with the latest advancements. Our bread and butter is maintaining expert knowledge of consumer expectations across channels, industry best practices, and how to cultivate overall brand perceptions. In our industry, an omnichannel mindset is what sets apart the superstar firms from the minor-league contenders.


Working with the right contact center helps to centralize your omnichannel strategy even further. Customer channels are too often segmented and siloed when in-house. Social customer care is often relegated to marketing, while live chat can end up in the hands of administrators or sales people. Though you trust your team to do their best, their mentalities and approaches vary drastically from customer service best practices. The resulting differentiated approach often leads to lopsided customer experience depending on the channel and lack of continuity across interactions. Inconsistent experiences lead to greater customer attrition and revenue loss. Entrusting all of those channels and interactions to an outsourced partner ensures that consumers encounter remarkable experiences every time.


Reduced Costs

Though it’s not a direct outcome, your customers do receive better service when you can stretch the impact of your investment. Running a contact center capable of delivering best-in-class customer service requires a synergy between top technology, streamlined processes, and talented people. And that combined effort is not cheap.


Here are just a few of the areas where your business can reduce your budget (and expand your deliverables):


Contact Center Software – A high-functioning contact center depends on automatic call distribution, CRM, interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, call monitoring, real-time reporting, and analytics to thrive. All of these features can add up – especially when you need licenses for all of your staff. An outsourced partner has already spent the time shopping for the most cost-effective software and in some cases can get bulk rates for software and even hardware.

Contact Center Facility – Due to the sensitive nature of the personal information that is often exchanged in customer service interactions, your contact center team needs to work in a facility that is designed to keep consumers protected. In our experience, that means prohibiting the use of personal devices (computers, phones, cameras, etc.) on the contact center floor. Tucking agents away in an existing facility makes it difficult to maintain that standard. For that reason, you need to set them up in a separate facility, which can cost $32.39 per square foot across major metropolitan areas. An outsourced partner can justify those expenses by hiring large volumes of contact center agents.


That’s just the beginning of your contact center expenses. Click here to learn the full cost of ownership for your contact center.


Maximized Capabilities

Is your customer service experience checking a box? Or are you wowing consumers with one-of-a-kind experiences? When businesses fulfill their customer service in-house, one of the primary challenges is that they are working with a reduced team size. Even if their people remain current with the latest customer service tips and tricks, there is only so much they can accomplish.


With an outsourced customer service team, it’s less of a struggle to maintain best-in-breed performance. Our own leadership team has years of industry experience that we leverage to keep our clients competitive. Our services include outsourced customer care, outbound and inbound sales support, outsourced tech support, and more! With that comprehensive experience, we’re skilled at customizing our approach to deliver unique and exceptional experiences for your customers.


Moreover, we already have the infrastructure in place to take advantage of cutting edge solutions and strategies. Without scaling up your systems or workforce, you can take advantage of live chat, experienced sales support, and other strategies that satisfy customers and drive your bottom line.


Eager to start improving customer service across your business? We can help you determine your full potential. Request an ROI calculation and we’ll show the possible ROI from outsourcing.


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