Why A/B testing improves customer experience

18th Apr 2019

Ensuring your landing pages are correctly optimised is the first step to helping potential customers enjoy a seamless journey and making their primary interaction with your brand positive. In order to achieve this truly outstanding customer experience, your landing pages should be easy to navigate, full of information your target audience will find useful and enjoyable to interact with. Having a good landing page user experience will not only increase your conversion rates but will also serve to improve your customer lifetime value. But how can you accurately determine what constitutes a positive customer experience? The simple answer is, you only know by looking at the data. Every target audience is different and you cannot approach your UX with a one-size-fits-all approach. This where A/B testing comes in and it is a vital component in developing a successful user experience.

According to a study conducted by Oracle exploring the relationship between consumer and brand relationships, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience and 89% of consumers started doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience. These results highlight the importance of designing a customer experience that excels and goes beyond what your competitors are doing. Without the data that A/B testing landing pages will provide, you are walking blind and will never accurately know what should be improved.

But embarking on a journey to create the ultimate landing page is no easy feat. There are plenty of considerations when deciding what you should be AB testing and it’s important to be highly systematic in your approach. You should always ensure that you test two different versions of a landing page at any one time, with only one different element and roll them out to each half of your target audience. Decide on relevant metrics that can be used to compare the test results and make sure the data set is large enough to analyse effectively. In order to provide the foundations for great customer experience and a profitable website, you should consider testing variants such as the call to action buttons, copy, product layout, element arrangement, colours and the size and placement of photos. Although it is important to note this list isn’t exhaustive and even the smallest tweak in any area can skyrocket your site's overall performance.

To stay ahead of the curve and in front of your competitors, the importance of having a great customer experience cannot be emphasized enough. It is the make or break of your business and either creates a compelling consumer experience or ignites frustration and will be responsible for lost custom. By investing the time to A/B test your landing pages, you are listening to your customers, observing their actions and translating this into meaningful change in their journey. If you put your customer experience at the heart of your business and listen to their needs, you are guaranteed increased conversions and improved customer loyalty.

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By MargeCLockhart
08th Nov 2019 09:52

It’s a great feeling when your business, product, or service appears in a major publication, whether online or off. You want people to know about it, but you also have to present the information clearly and effectively.

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