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Why VPN technology improves customer service

2nd Jul 2019
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The importance of placing customer service at the heart of any business cannot be emphasised enough. This is especially true in an age where consumers are being given increasing control over how companies use their data, with the contagion effect resulting in customer service and data privacy now being considered interchangeable. A recent study corroborated the full extent of this with 93% of consumers stating they would blame and hold the company accountable when a data breach occurs, while 70% claimed they would stop doing business with the company entirely if their personal data was compromised. Clearly, consumers expect companies to implement effective measures to safeguard their data privacy and those that ignore this will be left behind the competitive curve.

One area that is often overlooked as a customer service issue is cybersecurity. Cyber attacks are on the rise and one of the most immediate threats to customer data and security. Even huge corporations have proven not to be safe, with Sony and HBO recently falling victim to widely publicised data breaches. This is where VPN technology can fill the gap and be used as a tool that provides a much needed extra layer of security. It is a secure solution that allows companies to send and receive data via the internet while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of customer data through encryption. 

How can a VPN connection improve customer service?

A VPN connection provides end-to-end encryption that delivers a secured web connection for all company devices no matter where the employees are located. This is achieved through encrypting the internet connection itself rather than just the connection to your company network. In an era where very often employees work remotely, having a VPN ensures all company data is fully secured and protected from hackers, competitors, advertisers or anyone who may compromise the integrity of your data. Implementing a VPN connection means that all sensitive customer information, internal documentation and internal communications are fully encrypted and therefore protected from cyber attacks or data breaches. Ensuring the full integrity and protection of customer data is vital to maintaining effective customer service and ultimately customer retention. Here are some of the most significant ways a VPN can protect businesses:

Customer data protected in the cloud

Through implementing a VPN connection, customer data stored in your cloud will be protected on the network connection level as well as the server level. The VPN connection provides an impenetrable layer to prevent hackers from infiltrating your server system, providing your business with a more robust security architecture.

Encrypted business communications

Employees communicate through internal communication systems, as well as through external communication networks to interact with customers. While internal systems may be secure, external communication systems are vulnerable and open to confidential customer information being intercepted. By implementing a VPN system, all online communications whether internal or external will be encrypted, ensuring no unauthorised ears can listen in.

Additional firewall protection 

It’s commonly known that firewall protection will enhance your businesses security infrastructure and prevent cyber security attacks. While your system may be protected, your network is still vulnerable, which is why a VPN connection will enable you to add that additional layer by building a firewall system around your network. This will ensure you have a fully-comprehensive firewall that protects all levels of your business.

Fast connection and full protection

It is vital to have a fast running connection to ensure the smooth running daily operations of any business. Having multiple security programmes in place can slow this connection down and compromise speed and efficiency. Installing a VPN network will do the job of security programmes without affecting connection speed, ensuring your business is running at maximum productivity levels.

With the ever-increasing threat of cybersecurity, it is certainly worth considering a VPN subscription to ensure your company meets the necessary safeguards and protects your customer’s valuable data. There are numerous companies that offer high-level security provisions, minimal data logging and affordability, as well as high-speed security and military-grade protection. It is important to do your due diligence though as not all VPN networks are created equal and it’s a good idea to shop around for a reputable provider that meets your business requirements.

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