Types of video content for the buyer's journey

26th Apr 2017

As marketers, our job is to approach the buyer’s journey with a focus on solving our buyer’s problems.

What does this mean? It means that in every step your prospect takes until they make the buying decision, your brand must be present in the most effective way.

Video content is perfect to do that because it’s engaging, interesting, useful and easily shareable. The numbers speak for themselves: recent video marketing stats show that 90% of online consumers say that video has been helpful with their decision process.

Also, video content is extremely versatile, there are lots of different types of video, and each one of them works for one specific moment in your buyer’s journey. Understanding this is essential to know how to deliver the right video at the right moment.

But first, let’s look at the buyer’s journey with a little more detail.

  • The Buyer’s Journey: What is it?

People don't usually buy anything on their first look. Before they do, they usually go through a process of realizing that they have a certain need; then consider the possible solutions; and only after that, comes the purchase.

This is what the customer’s journey is all about: it’s an active process that your prospects go through, from becoming aware of a product or service, all the way until they buy it.

As I mentioned previously, it’s a journey that starts from the moment your prospects realize they’re in need. The first of three stages starts in that moment, in which we must provide the right video content for each stage (because every type of video works best for a specific stage!)

This will also be extremely helpful for your inbound marketing strategy: delivering helpful content when your buyers need it will attract organic traffic to your site.

Take a look!

What is inbound marketing?

Now, let’s see the three stages with more detail, shall we?

  • The three stages of your customer’s journey

     1. Awareness

During the awareness stage, your customers are starting to realize that they have a problem in need of a solution. They will probably come to you while doing research about this problem: through a search engine, a friend’s recommendation, or even researching on social media.

They have questions, and the challenge right now is to give them the answers they need.

● Commercial Ads

These are typical TV commercials, which can, of course, be used on the web too! At the beginning of the buyer’s journey, you want to catch your prospect’s attention, and a commercial ad is a great way to do so.

They work great, though they might be a little bit old fashion and focused on outbound marketing. It’s also a fast way to get results, but there’s a catch: It’s not easy for a commercial ad to be shared on social media, or used in blog posts, so you must rely on paid advertising.

So, if you want your video to appear, for example, on Google, you must pay: if not, your video will disappear.

With commercial ads, you can pay the advertising fees, and get results really quickly. That’s a big difference with, for example, educational videos.

A cute example, for you, from McVitie’s (ranked as one of UK’s best ads of 2016):

McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives #sweeet

● Educational Videos

Because your customers right now are looking for answers, they’re super receptive to learn new things. So, your best strategy is to be helpful to them, and an educational video is a great way to do this.

It offers real value to your leads: you’re giving them information aimed at making their lives a little bit better and a little bit easier.

In contrast with commercial ads, educational videos may need more work and time to get results, but when you get there, they’re incredibly powerful.

This one, for example, is an educational video that has more than 150,000 views, and that is positioned #1 on YouTube under its principal keyword (Explainer Videos).

What is the best explainer video style for your business?

It took some strategy to get there, but it was worth it. (And if you want to know more about how to rank #1 on YouTube, check out that link for a great free e-book!)

     2. Consideration

During second stage of the journey, your customers have already identified their problems, and they’re looking for possible solutions.

They will be evaluating the options they have and the different methods or ways to solve their issue.

● Product Videos

With a product video, you’ll be showing your product in action. They work great for the consideration stage to show your prospects all the advantages of the solution you’re giving them for their problems.

You have some options here, like showing a real person using your product; using cartoon animations to do it in a fun way; or if you want to show a digital product or service, you could also show a screencast video.

Choose the one that fits better with your brand!


● Explainer Videos

This is a type of video that explains a product or service in a simple and engaging way, by using  concise language and attractive visuals that catch the viewer’s attention quickly.

Explainer videos work great to increase conversion rates, boost your online presence and build brand awareness. They’re also very versatile: there are various types of explainer videos (like, for example, cartoon animated videos, or whiteboard videos…), so you can choose the one that fits your brand better.

Look at this example of an animated explainer video, by Yum Yum Videos. It’s engaging and informative, but also very light and fun:


● How-To Videos

There’s a reason why your prospects are still in the consideration stage, and not yet in the decision one: They still have doubts. It’s time to present your product in a way that resolves those doubts and answers their questions.

Use how-to videos as a way to do this, and also as a way to educate your audience about how they can identify the best product for them, to prepare them for when they make the purchase decision.


    3. Decision

And this is the moment of truth! Your customers are now ready to make a purchase decision. The question remains… will they choose the solution your brand is offering to them? Your brand or the competition?

With the right kind of video, you can show them why they should choose you.

● About Us

When your prospects are about to make the purchase decision, one of the decisive points is that they want to feel like they know the brand they’re about to buy from.

With ‘About Us’ videos, you’re giving them exactly that: a video that shows the real people behind your brand and product. Here you must be authentic and sincere, this will help you create a strong brand image.

Hubspot: About Us

● Testimonials and Case Studies

Some of your prospects may need some kind of validation from their peers, as they come closer to the purchase decision.

They want to know the experiences from clients just like them, that have faced the same struggles and that have found a solution in your product.

This will make them increase their confidence in your brand, and move them closer to the buying decision!


So, let’s wrap it up!

Now you know how important it is to deliver the right content for the different stages in the buyer’s journey. Remember, the key is to be useful! Being useful to your prospects translates in organic traffic, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Your job is to know the buyer’s journey like the back of your hand! That’s the way you’ll be able to identify which types of video content you can deliver for each stage.

Long story short: During the ‘Awareness Stage’, answer your prospect’s questions and help them recognize their problems; during the ‘Consideration Stage’ help them evaluate their possible options; and in the final ‘Decision Stage’ let them know why their best option is your brand.

And that’s how you make the best video marketing strategy!

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