How AI & chatbots can revolutionise CX

21st Oct 2017

Follow AI & Chatbot Route to Revolutionize Customer Experience

The times are changing and the moment is here to believe in technology. It is time to switch conventional modes of operation and invest in something that not only eases the workload but also demolishes the barriers of customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technology that holds potential in dramatically changing the old ways to modern strategies. Businesses have started to embed this technology in their routine to enhance satisfaction levels of their customers while utilizing their manpower for tasks that require human presence more.

We are referring to chatbots powered by AI that can act as a viable customer service channel for your brand. They can interact with customers on daily basis, learn from the past conversations and close requests through its own intelligence. All this is done without the customer being aware of whether the communication was done via human or a machine.

Bots are known to everyone but they worked around specific keywords that were fed while programming them. They responded to queries based on the keywords without understanding the context of the question being asked.

However, with technology advancements, these bots have come a long way. Taking examples of Siri and Alexa, they are now more contextual than before. They understand user’s queries and answer through its continuous learning.

That is what modern-day chatbots are capable of and businesses are using them to improve the level of customer service. Here’s how their capabilities are being leveraged by companies around the globe.

1. 24x7 support

The best part is that you’ll have the service desk open 24x7. Chatbots don’t get tired, don’t take lunch breaks, don’t sleep and don’t require leaves. This means each customer will be served with the same energy. Customers get the same level of service as they expect from a support rep. The chatbots are smart and can recognize emotions like anger, confusion, fear and joy. In case a customer is furious or extremely unhappy then the chatbot can transfer the thread to a human representative.

2. No queues

The efficiency of serving customers increases with chatbots and you can serve five times more customers than usual. Since they don’t take breaks they can quickly take up new customer queries in a flash.

3. Personalized experience

The artificial intelligence powered chatbots collect customer data from support interactions. The information thus gathered is then processed by a chatbot for analysis and sorting for personalized solutions. The collected data can be made to go through the manual mechanism of data refinement and analysis for devising growth strategies and customized solutions.

Chatbots come in quite handy when offering customized solutions to the real-time user queries. The bot is intelligent in evaluating past conversations and presents relevant information to the user for complete satisfaction.

4. Build customer-company bond stronger

It is hard to foster relationships with brands but chatbots take the responsibility on them by making this happen in the subtle way possible. They help build relationships by taking care of small things that matter to the customer if not much to the brand. They help brands stay in touch with their customers by texting them on their birthdays and anniversaries or asking for a quick feedback on their last purchase. These may be small reminders but certainly, leave a strong impression on customers’ minds.

5. Quick and budget-friendly

AI-powered chatbots get smarter over a period. Once they attain enough intelligence you can deploy executives to other departments where human presence is necessary. You’ll save quite a bit on executives’ salaries and have a perfect customer service desk.


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