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Twitter Goes Quiet With New Feature and SkyGo Gets it Right for Customers

30th May 2014
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We love reading about online customer service and social media is rarely out of the headlines – it’s an integral part of it and major players such such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly looking for new features to help users get the most out of their service. Here we discuss a new Twitter feature and a news story that demonstrates how social media affects people from both a standard user and a customer standpoint.

New Twitter Feature
Twitter's new 'mute' feature allows users to turn off homepage and push notifications for other users. If users feel as though their homepage is becoming clogged with information they may not find interesting but are reluctant to unfollow or delete accounts from their feed entirely, the mute button allows them freedom from constant updates whilst still remaining connected.

Applications for Customer Service
Be confident in your brand. Inform customers that they can switch this on to not follow your tweets but by doing so can miss out on offers and service updates. Offering customers the opportunity to opt out of push notifications and updates puts the power back in their hands and gives them the welcome change of being able to choose when to be advertised to. This can help you keep followers and build loyalty by giving them this rarely afforded option to choose, however informing them that muting them may lead to special offers and discounts not being seen should also help keep customers subscribed and interested in your brand.

This new feature eases the pressure and metaphorical “noise” that some consumers feel is a constant pain. Being advertised to on a daily basis by thousands of different companies all trying to sell their products can be overwhelming, particularly on a mobile device which is nearby at all times. Giving the consumer the power to decide as and when they want to see a company's updates will earn said company respect and loyalty from those who know they have the power to choose – and your blessing to choose not to.

SkyGo Gets it Right
We reported on social media for customer service in a negative way with 0800-flowers back in February but now we’re evening it out with SkyGo. Television superpower Sky may be one of the largest companies in the world but, as with any online venture, there can be technical difficulties. Sky users logging onto the SkyGo site in hopes of tuning in to the last day of the football Premier League season were more than disappointed to see the site suffering from outages leaving many unable to log in and use their services.

After SkyGo suffered these outages, people vented online using all manner of social media platforms, but if you look for news stories saying how bad they are you won’t find many. Why? They responded quickly. ALL social media networks were updated due to their separate Twitter accounts which include a Sky Go Help team to make sure customer's tweets were seen quicker. This, teamed with an online forum, allowed users opinions to be heard not just by each other but the company in question. This is a perfect example of how social media can be used to manage online customer service in a difficult situation.

We spoke to Kenny Butler from corporate physio company Back in Action UK, they use an online booking system in additional to placing a big emphasis on social media to manage customer service, he said:

‘We use an online booking system heavily reliant on tech. When this goes wrong we follow what Skygo does and take to social, we also put up a blog post immediately for our website visitors. Our 404 page also has a phone number on it – being able to get in touch is vital to good customer service, especially when things go wrong”

Keeping customers informed is the key to managing their complaints. With the immediacy offered by social networking, people now have an instantaneous online voice capable of being seen by a multitude of people, from current customers to potentially brand new ones. This means companies need to take note of the latest tech trends and be ready to embrace them just as their customers have done – any response is better than none, even if it’s to say you will be in touch at a later date.


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