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Six Steps to Building an Effective Customer Engagement Strategy

5th Dec 2015
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Here are six ways to create more rewarding and personalised customer experiences:

1. Understand your customers’ journeys.  Ensure you understand their needs and preferences as fully as possible – across channels and time – from the point of first contact (when they are surfing websites to find a suitable product) through the selection, registration, support, upgrade, renewal and other phases off the customer lifecycle. 

2. Survey regularly – and make use of customer feedback.  Don’t just ask for feedback as a tactical tool to show that you are doing a good job when it comes to service.  Use it as a strategic tool to plan product and service enhancements and proactively manage relationships.  Also, don’t just thank customers for their feedback, show them how you are using it!

3. Learn from past experiences.  Use the knowledge gained from previous customer dialogues (via voice, email, SMS, web etc.) to build extensive knowledge bases.  Use this information to enhance self-service as well as live interactions by personalising future customer contacts.

4. Deliver consistent customer experiences.  Regardless of how or when customers make contact.  And that includes delivering comparable service quality to landline and mobile callers, as well as to those self-serving via the web and IVR.

5. Provide continuity.  Ensure advisers have a clear and concise history of the customer journey so far across all channels.  This will ensure that they are up to date with the issue and can immediately add value by progressing to the next stage rather than wasting time and causing frustration by asking the customer to repeat themselves.

6. Use customer insight to gain competitive advantage.  Make full use of unified reporting, feedback and analytics tools to measure contact centre service levels and understand the root causes of customer issues. Measure at every customer touch-point and across all channels to proactively enhance customer experiences at every step of the customer journey.

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