7 Easy Tips to get the Most of Your Press Release

6th Jan 2016

Press Release

No matter what type of business you operate, press releases are pretty much an essential component of your online marketing and public relations strategies. While, it may seem like a pretty easy thing to do, writing and distributing successfully press releases requires certain strategy, as well as knowhow. Here are 7 really easy tips to amplify the impact from your releases:

Write Attention Grabbing Headline

Since journalists all over the world are bombarded by hundreds of pitches every day, to grab their attention you really need catchy headline. Be accurate and at the same time engaging – this may seem hard at first, but with little bit of practice, you can quickly master writing amazing press release headlines!  

Get Straight to the Point

We all know that time is money and journalists are not an exception – no one will bother to read your press release, if it’s fluffy and doesn’t get straight to the point in the first paragraph. The first few sentences of your release must showcase all important points, so that anyone can find out what it’s actually about after reading it for less than 5 minutes.

Backup Everything with Solid Data

Press releases are not articles, where you use content to promote your business or services. Instead, they present important, recent information about your company and must definitely be supported with solid data. Why the information in the release is significant to readers and journalists. The more quantitate your arguments are, the more compelling your release will actually be!

Don’t Write More than a Page

As already mentioned journalists are quite busy people and they really won’t spend a lot of time on your release, so why make it lengthy and fluffy – you really need just one page to make an impact and get recognition for your business! Furthermore, keeping this in mind when writing with most likely have huge positive impact on your content, as the information will be a lot more condensed.

Share Links with Additional Info

While the length of the press release doesn’t really contribute to its overall impact, providing additional information can easily bring additional attention to your brand. Feel free to provide links to your website or other places of interest to the readers – most of the time journalists are also on the look for additional information to back your content, so this will be a huge favor to them too.

Send it to the Right People

There is absolutely no way to generate buzz with your release without sending it to the right contacts. While, you probably have few of your own, it’s always a good idea to seek PR professionals or services, where you can obtain additional contacts. Some services like PressWire.com even offer the ability to automatically send your content to huge database of relevant media contacts.

Choosing the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Besides sending your release to journalists, the most popular and certainly cost-effective way to get your release around the internet is via specific press release distribution service. It’s always a great idea to go niche specific services. However there are many others on the market, I personally recommend PRNews.io and PRWeb.com – as these are without doubt the two most reputable services available on the market these days!


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