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Writing a business plan based on market research

20th Mar 2020
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It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in running a company or not; you should consider a business plan at first. There are plenty of tools aimed to help you with it, market research software among them. The tool deals with a huge amount of data to help you base your business plan on market conditions as well as the expectations and requirements of the audience. This is a necessary condition for your plan to drive the right business decisions and get you a competitive edge on the market.

Reasons for Using Market Research Software

Some entrepreneurs don’t like the idea of conducting market research as they feel too confident about their product or service. Some of them decide to save money because of a modest budget. Anyway, it is a big mistake as using market research software you can perform various types of analysis to answer all the questions you are interested in. Market research will help you:

Diminish business risks. Professional software will help you get the information on market trends, requirements of the customers, and even gaps in your service.

Recognize the opportunity. Market research software tools will help you enhance your service or product in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

Improve marketing. Knowing the expectations of the audience, you can work out an efficient marketing strategy that is another important aspect of a perfect business plan.

How Can Market Research Software Improve Business Plan

How Can Market Research Software Improve Business Plan

The essential information you get using market research software can serve as a skeleton of a future business plan. The proper introduction of all received data is a good starting point to reach the stated goal. These are the steps to take.

Step 1: Synthesize the results provided by the market research software

If you are using a professional platform for market research, the results of your study will be readily available in the form of comprehensive charts and visual reports. Otherwise, use visualization tools for a better understanding of market research results and insights. Then, evaluate your own business in view of the market research results. The best way to do this is by using the “Blue Ocean” theory, the SWOT analysis, and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis. 

Step 2: Recognize the up-and-coming market segments

Using market research automation software will help you identify the segment which you need to focus on first of all. Knowledge of market segments is very important for finding your niche and increases the chances for success especially when it comes to startups. Small victories will lead the company forward keeping a positive mood and encouraging staff to reach the goals. Focusing on several diverse segments at the same time may turn out to be a real failure. 

Step 3: Figure out the market size of a chosen segment

Now when you have identified the segment you are going to focus on, it’s time to evaluate the potential of the market. Top market research software will help you learn this. Thus, you will be able to make some projections to determine a conversion rate, that understands the proportion of the market you may conquer successfully with your service or product.

Step 4: Write the final version of a business plan

Write the final version of a business plan

Did you get all the required information from the market research? Then it is high time to write a business plan. Include all data you have received with the best market research software into your business plan, and make an appointment with bankers or potential investors. Such a business plan has all the chances to show your seriousness and ability to hit the market successfully.

The Bottom Line

Hitting the market is half of a fight since it is more difficult to keep the leading position. That’s why you need to work out a sustainable business plan that will minimize risks of losing money as well as reputation.

A successful business plan is impossible without thorough market research. And it’s not only for startups. Top brands constantly use market research software to work out a winning business strategy. Basing a business plan on the analysis of strong and weak points of your product, the customer needs, trends and the peculiarities of the market you are going to hit promotes business success and safeguards from the possible issues. 


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