Advice needed on launching a customer enewsletter

Advice needed on launching a customer enewsletter

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Hi Everyone,  my manager has asked me to launch a monthly eNewsletter to engage our customer base.  I'm cringing at the request, because I think that eNewsletters are generally ignored, especially by an "unengaged" customer base.

Does anyone have any recent experience with eNewsletters, and/or alternative ways to regularly educate, engage and energize an existing customer base?  And if you've had great success with an eNewsletter, please do share the details. Thanks!

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Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
26th May 2016 10:22

Great question Andrea.
I have a few questions in return:
- How specific has your manager been about the format of your newsletter?
- Have you done any testing to prove your customer base is unengaged?
- How regularly do you produce content that would tie in with a monthly newsletter?

I think the key is to establish what your likely open and click rate is. If it's initially lower than industry standard, you can test different methods and newsletter designs to see what resonates and what doesn't. If it's initially higher than expected, you'll be able to work form this template.

We have plenty of content to help you out further here:

This article will give you a flavour of what click-through rates are for email newsletters:

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Replying to Chris Ward:
By AndreaD
02nd Jun 2016 02:40

Hi Chris,

Thanks for feedback and links -- it sounds like the main message is test, test, test. Will do! :-)

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By Neil Davey
31st May 2016 14:54

Hi Andrea,

You may be interested in this related story:


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