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Advice on improving the online experience of ecommerce

Advice on improving the online experience of...

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Recent research by [24]7 suggests that etailers' online experience is falling far short of customer expectations, with disappointing online encounters driving a third of customers to competitors to make a purchase. 

The problems are even more acute in the B2B sector, according to the 2013 E-commerce Report from Intershop, where trends such as smartphone usage, social media and the consumerisation of IT, have left B2B companies struggling to deliver the B2C ecommerce experience that their customers increasingly expect. 

In the coming month, MyCustomer is going to be exploring ecommerce trends, and in particular how brands can improve the online experience for their customers. We'd love to hear from you regarding how your businesses have made improvements to your sites - what problems were your customers experiencing; what changes have you made to address these challenges; what have you learnt from your own on-site work?

If there are any tips or recommendations, we encourage you to share your thoughts with the community. 


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By LinkedIn Group Member
28th May 2014 12:13

Comment on this post from the MyCustomer LinkedIn community

Neil - good topic and so widespread. I don't want to spam the group with our Amazon based methods and book "The Best Service Is No Service" but perhaps a few of key questions will help get the debate going 

a) Do you know what stops customers buying? Exactly why? Do you know how many don't bother to contact you? What the lost revenues are for each little problem that stops them? 

b) Customer contact rates are a diagnostic of online problems - Amazon measure contacts per unit shipped and most etailers measure this. But do you measure it for each reason for contact, do you track it week on week, do you know what the right level of contact is? 

b) The contact centres don't cause customers to stop in their buying journey or to generate the contact. So who does? Do they know it? What have you got to do to get them to do something?


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By Visebility
30th May 2014 08:19

Hello – such a big and interesting topic! I work with a number of B2B companies and find often (rather surprisingly) customers are a) simply unable to get in contact because the contact page is so diluted within the site and b) the site is too wordy.

When the services on offer are on the corporate side I’ve found website owners want to stick thousands and thousands of words of copy with complex brochures and other text, this disparity between what works for them offline and what works online seems to create the difficulty for potential online customers.

We actually ran some simple A/B testing for one client and the results spoke for themselves – a simple move of the contact tab, few font changes and a lot of deleted text later the conversions came in. It’s amazing how easy it can be to improve the conversion funnel and customers’ ease of use, but testing is the key I feel.

Be interesting to see what other people reply to this thread.

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