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Asda online grocery non existent UK customer services

ASDA online customer services overseas

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I note that a blog started on this site many years ago, regarding Asda customer services/online groceries deliveries, has had only two comments. One of which was mine, as a disgruntled customer, one other many years ago by a disgruntled Asda delivery driver.

Seems to me it is about time Someone brought this online grocer back into the limelight.

Judging from the many complaints on various blogging and consumer websites, one wonders why this site has not continued their thread on this online grocer, considering their very very low customer satisfaction and high level of customer complaints.

I wonder if moving all Customer Services to South Africa apparently absolves anyone in the UK for responsibility of the multititude of bad service complaints now flooding the internet.

Certainly my own experiences in trying to contact anyone in Leeds, simply met with an instantanious transfer to South African 'Customer Services' , without even being given the chance to explain my problem, which was in fact with the very customer services they transferred me to.

The BBC  WATCHDOG PROGRAM have taken a very good look at this online grocer, and recorded a growing number of complaints.

I believe Asda are now the top of the list for consumer complaints, according to various on and offline sources.

As it seems this site lost interest in the original blog, i would like to start this new discussion and see what other members have to say about this organisation.

Perhaps even Asda themselves still read the pages, though i doubt they will take notice.

I therefore welcome any member to contribute to this discussion, and blow the bats from this very murky loft.

It may be useful to read the original blog before contributing.

Thank you

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