Can you recommend CRM software?

Can you recommend CRM software?

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I am looking for a CRM software for a nightclub. Could you please recommend me one?

Thank you

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By User deleted
13th Sep 2010 15:05

Hi there,

I'd love to learn more about your specific CRM requirements, but in the mean time, I recommend that you take a look at Luxor CRM. Its a web-based CRM application is really easy to use and fully customizable. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada but have clients all over North America and abroad.

Our CRM application offers full CRM and SFA capabilities and can be tailored to suit your business' specific model and processes.

You should take a look at some of our screencasts to see if Luxor CRM is the right fit for you. Go to:

Also, feel free to email me with any questions: [email protected]

Best of luck with your search!

- Corie

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By sahanabose
14th Sep 2010 06:00

 Impel CRM, covers every aspect of sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer support. A highly comprehensive yet fast-to-deploy CRM solution, Impel CRM goes far beyond any other Software-s-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Bring clarity to your sales and accelerate processes, build long-term customer relationships, boost call center efficiency and derive business intelligence. With Impel CRM you can do all this and more – leveraging an easy-to-use and highly tailorable solution offered at a predictable per user, per month price.

What makes ImpelCRM different from other CRM solutions is that we have concentrated on making comprehensive functionalities fast and easy-to-use.Offers you rapid deployment, enterprise-class functionality and reliability— all at a low subscription price!!! These are huge knock-on effects of adopting ImpelCRM SaaS solution.



Anytime Anywhere AccessAutomatic UpgradesCost EffectivenessCustomizable InterfaceNot Platform Specific


Impel CRM offers a free 15 day trial of Impel.  All you need to do is click on the Free Trial button on and start using Impel – now!

Should you need more details or info, am around. Please feel free to reach at [email protected]




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By abarcelos
02nd Oct 2010 01:49

There are many useful packages, but if you want ease of use, cost-effectiveness and immediate start-up try They are #1.

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By User deleted
07th Oct 2010 12:06

In order to recommend an ideal CRM software it’s quite important to know your requirements.  I would like to suggest our Compare CRM service to you.  This service helps you choose CRM software that will fit your needs by going through a simple procedure of requirement analysis with a set of questionnaire which will then provide you with a Compare CRM report short listing CRM software according to your specific business requirements. We don’t take commissions or other forms of revenue from vendors to ensure our independence hence the advice and the recommendations you receive is totally unbiased.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the service, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] .

All the best.


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By Intelestream Inc
20th Oct 2010 00:10

Intelestream has developed intelecrm (, an online CRM solution that specifically targets small and medium sized businesses. The pricing model is unique in that subscriptions are based on a flat fee for unlimited users. This means everyone in a small business can be actively involved with the CRM, making a powerful tool across the whole company. Sign up for a free trial at Also further educate yourself on the topic by reading one or several of our whitepapers at

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By bestfit solutions
09th Nov 2010 21:51


You have asked a simple open-ended question and I am not sure you got the answer you were looking for.

I do see where the answered provided all seem to be the "Check out our software, it fits your need at a great price" type. Yet, I don't think any of the recommended software will fit your desires. Why you ask?

Mainly, you have not defined what you expect, or want, the crm software to do for you.

Without much more clarity in your needs, requirements, desires, and wants; any suggestion here is going to be suspect. In addition, if you rush out and purchase any of the recommended software packages; your chance of "the one" select being right for use by a night club is 50/50 at best.

CRM is a combination strategy, process, and people. Not just a piece of software.
The technology is what enables your people to execute your processes, that support your strategy's goals and objective.

To use a metaphor for clarity - The cart is the CRM software and the strategy, people, and process is the horse.
You are trying to put the cart in front of the horse. This rarely gets you down the road.

If you can clarify what you want the technology to do for your night club, or what you think you might use it for; then the recommendations will serve you better. Without that clarity, providing a valuable recommendation is impossible to do.

We have implemented many CRM software packages, in many industries, successfully. But each successful one was the result of matching the right technology to the requirements. Those that have failed were mostly the result of putting the cart in-front.

If you will clarify these items, I am happy to help find the right solution for your company.
In absense of them, it would be just a guess.

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By ConorERS
17th Nov 2010 12:03

The above answer is quite right. Until you reveal exactly what it is you need there is no way of providing you with the right CRM solution as there are so many providers out there. Some are really expensive with extensive capabilities which may be much more than you need, while some are extremely cheap but may not fully provide you with what you require. You could also require something that is completely customisable in which case some of the most popular vendors will not be suitable for you.

Therefore, you will need to describe exactly what is you need before the right solution can be identified.

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By Nickjohnson
05th Mar 2012 12:42

 Well, CRM software for nightclub?! I`m using a cloud-based software called and they say not only IT companies use their software but also, media companies and others. I hope you will find this tool useful. You can use its free trial:  or


Best Luck

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By 70 Fathoms
24th Sep 2012 16:18

You can try the Compare CRM website: Here our consultants continually test CRMs for functionality, usability, intuitiveness and many more criteria. But the most important bit is assessing your business requirements properly and matching them to the available software which is provided by this service.

There is not a best solution in general, rather there is a best solution for you and your needs. This means you need to do a comprehensive requirements analysis and then choose software which best meets these requirements. Take a look at our free research papers on our website for help once you have done your requirements analysis.

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By Thomas Mackee
20th Nov 2012 20:22

Working with Campaigns can seem like a daunting task to some people; however, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes working with Marketing Lists and Campaigns very easy to work with. The first step to getting a Campaign started is to create the Marketing List. You can search for members of the Marketing List based on any field within that entity, such as Accounts that have the City field equal to Fargo, or where Annual Revenue is greater than 500,000. I recommend running through the query in an Advanced Find window to perfect the list before putting in a Marketing List. If you’re unfamiliar with the Advanced Find feature, please see my previous blog regarding. 

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By stephenward
20th Aug 2014 09:23

Sales force is the good one. But if you want free CRM system I would suggest join Chambers of Commerce you can get many benefits including free CRM system

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