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Customer service principles vs company values

Customer service principles vs company values

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I have been challenged recently on my new customer service principles, as they are slightly similar to our organisational values e.g open and fair. What is the point of having both? Or is it a good thing as the principles can be used as guidelines to put values into practice?

Has anyone ever discussed this issue before? And does anyone have any examples of companies that have both customer principles and company values? 

Very grateful for your thoughts. 

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By Blessed25
15th Mar 2016 11:01

This is a good question @ajean. My initial thoughs were that they're the same thing. You shoudn't have both. But then I thought about what kind of values most companies have. Ours for instance centre on 'being inspirational' and 'empowering customers and fellow employees'. As a sales manager, I've have to reinterpret what that means for my team. I.e. Empowering customers for my team means managing relationships after the customer has been onboarded. I guess you could call this a principle based on a value?

My gut is that your principles should be about reinterpreting your company values for your specific team. That being said I haven't seen anyone else discuss this before.

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